Sariah Sistar is a author, public speaker and spiritual online blogger for conscious seekers. Bringing her unconventional ways to inspire, support and remind others of all they can be to awaken to their true potential

Her Story…

As a free spirited child SARIAH had her first experiences of expanded awareness at a young age, being able to see into the hearts of others. 
Born with a high level of sensitivities, she believed for many years this to be wrong, different and not accepted, leaving her feeling confused, unsure and lost in a world she could not understand. Beliefs of what others thought, became believed inside herself too and she became withdrawn, empty and lost many times during her childhood and teenage life.  Challenges of hardships and emotional past wounds were carried within her heart, leaving her feeling depleted, heavy and completely unsure of which way to turn. Reaching many breaking points in her adult life, she began choosing to face her fears to keep her heart open, finding inner courage to face her rough, raw emotions in her darkest hours and believe in herself once again.
Of what she once believed were her faults, became her greatest gifts. Her natural abilities to see into hearts, became accentuated as her self- acceptance grew, enabling her to support herself and others through her inner understanding.
After experiencing the effects of her own healings and transformations in life, Sariah was deeply drawn to share with others of what she had learnt.  She became consciously aware of the impact that her authenticity and deeper levels of relating’s were having on her life. Not being able to fully comprehend how the impact of her increased awareness, and experiences were transforming her life, she could however relate to people on many newer deeper levels. She used this support and innate knowing to assist others by offering space for them to heal, be heard and held to connect to their own inner guidance. Because of her experiences of transforming through self-awareness and innate knowing, she was deeply guided to share with the public audience of the truly transforming effects that can be witnessed by us all.
She lives in Australia where she offers presentations, events and connections with others whilst enjoying all that life has to offer through universal pathways.


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