Divine Initiation Session

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At time of booking, the healing session commences, as encoding of divine inspiration/remembrance begins..

The majority of the work is done on an energetic cellular level in your energy body or light status. So if you feel unsure or concerned with information overload, please sit back while you are supported through light language exchange. I will ascertain what it is you need and how to assist you further.

Initial consultations include exclusive access to unique content to empower you on your journey

Active conscious listening to your experiences brings you closer to your inner opening and commencement of the session

• • •

Depending on your moment in your journey, each experience will be different when opening a session, these include:

  • Activations in Remembrance of your Divinity
  • Conscious Remembering
  • Activating to your hearts cosmic alignment
  • Realignment to your truth
  • Releasing blockages
  • Connecting your divinity
  • Awakening power
  • Sovereignty
  • True Self realisation
  • Dis-lodging misconceptions
  • Frequency expansion and growth
  • Pathway for stepping into your inner fire/presence
  • Initiating your wisdom
  • Following through with your desires/dreams with greater ease
  • Hearing your heart
  • Celebrate your uniqueness
  • Dissolving self doubt/unworthiness
  • Soul purpose/mission

Whatever the situation is that brought you to this moment, you have come to the right place and reason for you to be here now

Unique sessions that are build completely on Individual Experience through Divine Guidance

• • •

You are not alone, you are understood, loved and ready to take the next step…

Book in for an online session at a time convenient to you

One hour session with a shorter followup included

Sariah x

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