Welcome home my dear one, thankyou for being graced here. In love you are truly honoured to be present to the gift of these offerings.

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Divine Intuit

Welcome to my page. I am Sariah Sistar, author of Living from your true self. It has been quite a journey to get here and I am blessed to share this with you. My work, my hope, my essence of me. The hope for the future, the tomorrow and the yesteryears all begin and end right here.

I feel so much love, hope, peace and goodwill for us all and I include my offerings based on the hopes and dreams of humanity.

My greatest love is the fullness that we all are and the treasure of the now presence of each and every voice, every heart, every person.

If you are drawn to a Divine Initiation Session, I am open to receive your contact. Please head to the contact page and I will be in touch to schedule you in.

So much blessings of light, peace and goodwill,

Your sister of the light

Sariah x