Getting caught up in such a swarm of varieties in choices of food, items, clothing, or anything that a person requires to purchase and do, can easily drift a person away from living in simplicity or even being aware of the impact of confusion too many choices are.  This does not mean that we can’t enjoy variety and it’s a pleasant experience to have wide range of choices to some degree.  However, this blog is in regards to how choosing simplicity at times, can realign with the basics of what life can offer and the expression of gratitude of enjoyment of the simplest of things can be.  This is to bring more feelings of truly being blessed.

Flexibility comes too as feeling blessed with simplicity makes one more able to make do, to appreciate what is offered and become humbled in what life grants us.  A fresh piece of fruit may be understood for the gift of the fruit rather than be overlooked as the last choice or something to be thrown away.  Playing a board game, instead of an expensive trip out can be seen as a blessing in simplicity to enjoy and connect with others without so many distractions from external sources.  But of course this is not to say that other things or experiences cannot be enjoyed or enjoyable.  This is just part of reverting back to the state of appreciation of simplicity, connecting without electronics, being more present to being in the moment either on your own or with others and learning greater the gratitude from the smallest, most simplistic of choices in life.  This too makes us more enabled to make do through any adversity that comes our way, being able to become truly more positive when others may only see lack of.  This brings us too, a more flexible ability in life to move through any challenges with a more willing, enabled and positive attitude towards ourselves, others and life’s circumstances.

Many of our first world countries have but of course,  been consumed greatly by the needs, wants, competitive streaks of outdoing others with this latest thing and that, but many times it has been subconsciously forgotten to just be simple, quiet, humbled and grateful for what we do already have.  On another note, we become so much more grateful for whatever we receive forth from beyond this simplicity.

Journey Well.

Sariah Sistar

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