The path of awakening is a journey of great discovery for once the egoic ways are released, there is a stillness, a sweet surrender to a new way of life(of existence) that you never knew could possibly be. Your eyes see what no one around you can see. Although you know of the one’s that walk with you too and honour the connection in the higher layers of perception.

You walk as One and cry from the 3rd dimension on the surface of the ‘you’ you knew. You cry sacred tears of bliss and a sweet release all at once. You know you are not alone but you can feel lonely. The loneliness feeling is from the human experience of what we have been designed to do – to connect, interact, share, experience, build together as Brother and Sister, supporting one another’s journeys and loving one another.

During this transition in my own sanctuary, it has been fought with many challenges, much surrendering, releasing, and journeying deeper into the layers of me. And this I have been doing as One without the physical sense of support from any other awakened one. Please know that when you start to arose from your deep slumber of separation, you will have many that you can reach out to and you will just know they understand you, love you and are able to hold your hand to share all with you on your own journey of self-discovery

The surrendering process as you merge your physical self (that has been the self you have always known in this lifetime) with your higher dimensional being is a continual shedding, allowing, acknowledging, a sweet surrender, a blissful state of being. Whilst on the surface of ‘self’ it may be confusing, uncertain, questioning, at the same time you are not feeling any need or want to understand as you ‘know’ what is going on for you as your higher dimensional self is embodying the vessel too. Awakened heart is a treasure in itself, the eyes do not lie to the truth of what they can see. This can also be a catch, during the process, as you still feel compelled to acknowledge how you feel due to your wholesome self-love inside the vessel that is ‘you’

I have been pondering and contemplating how the process for others to come will be for them? How it will transpire? How will it happen? Will it be that others rise slowly? Unlike me? Or will the process be one that is a complete other way that what I could possibly see:) I do love to ponder how this may eventuate. One thing I know is that it is in the process right now and the awakening has begun. I am in love with the knowledge of what is to come, what is to be, what will eventuate for all of humanity.

I may not know in my physical space/location others that are ‘awake’ at this stage but I feel them in the higher dimensional state of me. My heart goes out from the woman that I am to the ones that walk this path today for I know we are all shaping the way from the challenges we share to the love that we hold. I give much gratitude for the ones that also are stirred at this time to awaken at their own pace – I love you all to bits:)

I honour each individuals journey back home to love.

Welcome home

Your sister in love, light, truth



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