When you awaken you seek not for any approval. What your required before from another, you now have within yourself. A mechanism of love and support resides inside you.

You do not need a personal image relevant to satisfy another persons perception of you. Even a public image is no longer relevant to you. You only feel into what sits right to you in your own centre. You realise that what once seemed so important is of no concern now. You shine your true self out wherever you are and with whomever you are with. Your authentic self is present in every given space.

You need not to plan for future times. This feels a bit peculiar at first as you have planned, made goals, looked forward and ahead your whole life. Even the simplest planning can feel difficult to do as you have found a freedom so vast inside of you. You are not frightened of change and enjoy the flexibility of life. The life that you were familiar with was full of restrictions and now you flow with movement and momentum. You seek not to box yourself in again.

Friends may call you crazy, selfish, a liar and try to discredit you. You may be yelled at and abused. Even family may feel uncomfortable with you as you speak from a place of transparency. People that were once close to you may distance themselves or leave your life completely. You allow them to be though, as you see that they can only understand what they have found in themselves. You truly love them and accept their own journey allowing them to be with whatever decisions or choices they make.  It is not your business what they think of you.

Honesty is your only policy. You do not speak truth to hurt another or make them feel less than. You only speak honestly out of love for yourself and living with authenticity that you have never felt before. You feel an openness that brings great exposure to how others feel. You may feel inclined to speak words of loving honesty to them out of love for others, if you feel that they are open to receive. If not, then you don’t push and humbly allow them to be. Friends may feel afraid at your incredible freedom and lack of need for approval.

They may still allow the friendship to stay even when they do not understand the way you have changed. They are only afraid of what they cannot see in themselves. Some may come back into your life and others may leave altogether.

You live moment to moment. Feeling each and every experience, interaction and learning. The present moment has been like never before as you’ve dropped the need to think about tomorrow or yesterday and live from the point of power at what arises in the present.

What once entertained the ego is not the same for you any more. Many hobbies no longer please you the same or sit well in your heart space. You have freed up a space for much peace within and may feel uncertain as to what to do with unlimited fabricated time. You find nature to be a haven as it is an honest real environment compared to the man made structures. Although you can still move through any place with grace and ease. But you choose to be in places that sit well for you.

You find pleasures in the simplest things, from nature walks, to sitting in the sun, watching the stars at night, making small talk with strangers(who you now see as family, no matter who they are or what they are doing) and interacting with smiles. When you connect in laughter, good cheer, friendly exchange of genuine pleasantries you see the depth of exchange on a vibrational level. This is a beauty that cannot truly be described and love moves you to expand unconditional love to all. A fire lights up inside you to embrace the interaction with love. It melts you from the inside out,  from your whole existence to expand and encompass all. It flows in you, from you, it is not forced or thought about. Just a natural essence of what you have awakened to be.

You may also enjoy contemplating the essence of life.  As once the mind is freed from restrictions, you can truly grow at a rapid rate, seeing the world through a new set of eyes, experiences and heavenly bliss.

You see the oneness of all you encounter. The connection to others and understand the challenges they move through.

“Seeking external only distracts you from the path of true salvation. The journey within unlocks the doors to all wisdom knowledge and unlimited love”

Journey well.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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