When a person is pointing a finger at another, accusing, deceptive and full of ridicule and mistreatment, they are the ones that are suffering the most. They have not met love in their own hearts and the heart may be closed for that moment or a way of their behavioural self-annihilations. This is not to say that behaviour such as this is to be pandered to or allowed to continue at your own detriment. For once it is understood that the choosing of what others do, has nothing to do with you, a person will be able to bear any situation presented with others with strength, grace and conviction to their own loving gesture inside.

Through deeper understanding does one see that the ways of anyone else in their lives and the way they point to disagree, ridicule or cause dramatic response, is not about the other, rather about the inside of themselves. And this blog is in relation to the ones that are suffering from another’s ways and feeling that this is to do with themselves. The internal world is singularly played and what has not been understood, internally viewed, will and often times, be shaken up by some, to behave to you how they behave to themselves too.

It is not your fault to be another’s projective device, you are not a target board. Allow the arrows to fall and no longer enter your heart. What others do is their own inner world view and the strongest objectors are the harshest projectors. The moment a person can clearly see, that to be wise is to understand that how other people behave has everything to do with how they feel about themselves and nothing to do with you.

Journey Well,

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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