Believing through adversity in the presence of something more than one’s self, more than lack of or confined religious views. When believing in the unseen presence around a person, through a person and a part of a variety of the intricate weavings of life, a person will find an essence within that combines with the tapestry of existence.

When a belief becomes imbedded within a psyche of a person by their own hand which uplifts, brightens the soul essence and carries away doubts to connect with trust in a higher plan, a deeper part of themselves, (even when the mind may not conceptualise this understanding or relevance), a person becomes stronger to support themselves and utilise the power of the truer essence deep within. This supporting of yourself will grow through the belief system of the purpose of the relevance of our life’s existence.

If you have experienced sensations of delightful vibrational occurrences that cannot be completely understood or felt a deeper knowing within, then you may be experiencing the ‘unseen’ presence within you. To move further with this vibration leading the way, you may enhance this state of being by focusing your intent to readdress your mind self to breathe back into this state of being in the unseen rather than concerns or worry. Increasing this occurrence to take shape on an expanded level of developing the soul to lead one’s self rather than just the mind of a person.

Believing of the soul presence with or without religious objectives or restrictions, can entice the soul to come out to combine with the body, mind combination. On seeking through the vast channels of the heart space does one flow further with self-awareness of the impact of just what can be done with believing through adversity with inside of yourself, life, universal flow and continue on to explore in wonder through experiences and learnings.

Believing in the unseen, is each person’s unique experience that does not need any other persons way to be right for them. And why would it be? For when you touch the deeper essence within your abilities to connect, you only ever do this in your own unique, intimate experience of this and so no one can ever tell you what it ‘should’ be for you. All one can do is share what is found from within to remind us in recall of what each person is fully capable of doing for themselves.

When the unseen is felt, the belief in the singular self is developed and the more that the refocusing on the intention to connect again and again to this source, the more that is revealed of the part of the magical transformation abilities that are within.

Journey Well.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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