Standing straight on towards yourself in the mirror can be the most frightening experience to truly allow yourself to reveal what you are feeling about you. Dropping off the masks to stand with bare courage, raw emotions and surfacing pain, leaving you feeling vulnerable, exposed and maybe frozen in the state of fear, can be the bravest act of self love you will ever do.

Facing yourself is getting completely naked in the true core of stopping to confront what you have been trying to deny, attempting at burying, suppressing, running, lying, all the rough hidden subconscious thoughts will come out to play, circling, displaying BUT let this be said, if you ALLOW the surfacing to come up to reveal you WILL heal. A very fragile affair is to bare yourself to you. Bare, raw, messy, anxious, depressed, angered, betrayed emotional debris. But you are loving yourself to be wise enough to acknowledge this playful pain that leads you to action or non-active behaviours that cause you to not live fully in abundance, live completely raw, bare, authentic, transparent and beautifully whole within yourself.

Emotions play their role to lead towards greater awareness, greater self realisations of finding the true you, the essence of your soul, your truth, your freedom within.

Standing baring your soul to yourself is what will come as the soul is impacted by emotions not expressed, not given a choice to be unrestraintfully shared and bared. Hold yourself as you cry, hold yourself in the comfort of your heart as you hear the angst that has caused you pain. Listen to the mistrust you feel in yourself, others and life. Listen although comfort this little one inside as it is normally the child in you that has run to hide. Life is messy, difficult, challenging and no one has taught you to express your pain as they too are often hidden within and blocking their hurt from past times gone by.  The astonishing experience is the moment you face your hidden parts of yourself, you also stand in front of your truth.  The true you presents itself over and over to learn for you to meet this deeper part of you as you reveal each and every layer of emotion in relevance to bring forth more of the true essence within.

Is it time for you to reveal the lie? Time to open the raw core beauty of your authentic self? Time to breathe as you pause to reflect within and open your heart to allow love back in?

There are many natural inbuilt abilities that each person has hidden underneath emotions that to just offer the choice for you to take that breath to look clearly at your beautiful eyes that suffer beyond the pounds of emotional weight and open that heavenly gate. Natural occurrences transpire as you let tears flow, pain releases, angst disappears, and the heart expands. Remember to hold yourself kindly, you have not yet understood the power of what you can do, what you hold and what will awaken in you.


Sariah Sistar

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