Being aware of your own energy is connecting further with your alignment, your essence of your truth and supporting yourself as a priority towards your sense of self growth in peace.

In choosing to become conscious of the inner you, you will begin to notice your initial responses to the world around you, the situations you place yourself in and the types of people you choose to have in your life.  But of course, I am not saying that allowance of others is not acknowledged and understood, rather through caring for one’s self can we see the benefits of releasing in complete allowance of what does not sit well or align with ourselves.  Your own inner peace will be at the forefront the more you realise the benefits for your own state of being as you notice more of the indications around you that are not energetically aligned to match your own frequency, your own truth.  The more you care about yourself, the more you choose to be placed in experiences and places that lighten up your essence within, that match you, that sit well for your heart and that make you feel energised, more alive and vital life force lights up to exude your radiance from the inside out.  This is an act of self love.  A kindness that you give to yourself and a strong instigator of trust that you build within yourself, that you are willing to care enough about you to walk away from others that are continually in negative woe mode, limiting the amount of time spent in shopping centres or places of nil natural surrounds.  On the flip side, you may then choose to allow yourself increased time spent in places of beauty, purposeful intent to expand your energy and raise it to a higher vibration and so on.  There is really endless opportunities to experience what your inner knowing has been waiting to show you.  The point is that your body shows clues to these things as well.  Our physical bodies are highly intelligent and can absorb, release and indicate of what is required to assist us with our experiences.

If you are around too much stagnant blocked energy, the body will tighten up, you may notice a change in the feeling of restriction as you tighten your muscles or tense your forehead.  Nature is but of course,  a beautiful frequency especially in vast amounts of space where there is much greenery, water substance or sunlight.  We all have noticed how our bodies love to lighten up at the beach with the sea breeze, sand between our toes and that breeze that seems to blow the worries away.

Choosing to view these indicators more, becomes a persons establishment to naturally use the extra sensory perception to receive and take action to each situation if the choice is available.  You may bear witness to the response with people, and become more confident to lead yourself from your very own inner radar.

Really the expanse of witnessing, benefiting and choosing is endless.  Another natural occurrence from this will be to believe in your own capabilities as you won’t second guess yourself any longer as you see just what you are made of and what you can truly do for yourself.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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