Being courageous will set you apart from the majority, if not, all the people within your life.  Often times, finding courage to walk your truth, requires a consistent approach to align with yourself.

Many times, you may feel alone and even in some form of despair as you release limitations and blockages of old unwanted feelings, thoughts, patterns and so on.

Each time you smile inside of yourself, knowing you have somehow found a stronger part of yourself that you didn’t realise was there, you become more courageous.  You are showing yourself how capable you truly are, how much stronger you are than you had been led to believe and indirectly even responding to yourself with further stability to walk your true path.

Giving yourself assistance to reach through your strength to surrender over to doubts, uncertainties and concerns, and step forth anyway, you build trust with you.  You will begin to trust your instincts and honestly direct your life in the way that aligns with you.  No one else can do this for you.  Never, not honestly, ever, can another walk your truest version of you.

Only you have this power to create your life, your desires, your bliss and happiness! Remember this for next time, you doubt yourself or are concerned with the opinions of others.  Breathe through your truth, allow it to comfort you and bring you a peaceful presence of supportive gestures.

You were designed to shape your life with your senses, your gut responses. Even our bodies’ can give warning signals when going against our truth selves.  And this I will discuss further in another post.  But to briefly discuss it here, is to say, that the physical body is responsive to indicators to assist you when out of alignment.  The body becomes blocked or dis-ease is prevalent to indicate to you to take notice, have a good look at what you are doing to yourself and what you can now transform to bring you more stability in your bodies function.

Back to courage, this will build over time and experiences with certainty of the support system you are building with yourself, you will be assured that you will become truly braver to show up with alignment to your true self.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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