Becoming conscious of what consumption you are choosing is to place yourself in a more empowered and present position to attain greater knowledge of yourself and freedom within.
​Like with anything, when a person is walking and working on autopilot they are not conscious of choices, actions and ramifications of what is occurring on a deeper level and even the bodies’ cellular level.  When a choice is made to become conscious to witness how the effects are in response to your body, your mind and your essence within, you become mindful of the steps that are present to the moment of action. This leads to discovering more about self, more ways of healing and furthermore, empowerment through making clearer decisions for you.

​Pausing in the day with reminders to ‘notice’ what you are doing, what you are actions and what you are consuming, both through foods, thoughts and interactions/experiences, you become more capable to lead yourself with what you truly feel is right for you in your sense of your own hearts peace.

​Conscious consuming is listening intently to how your body feels with certain types of foods, witnessing the reactions to meat products or fresh plant based goodness as well as ‘checking in’ on yourself with the noise around you of others and how it either interjects with your own thoughts or serves to uplift your own inner temple.

​The door to your inner peace is yours to open or close to what you truly feel you wish to enter or not.  This be any variety from food, thoughts of others, television programming or anything else that can be consumed on a daily basis. Listen deeply to how you respond to each situation and you will see many gifts to how you can live your life based on what you wish to consume.

​When you begin to pause, reflect, allow or reject, you are establishing the foundation of yourself being the ‘gatekeeper’ to your self care, nurture and allowing only that of what you feel is for your highest good and growth.  ​Working on auto-pilot, can be complete blind sightedness towards your inner capabilities to direct yourself, take care of you and raise your vibration in line to what places well for how you truly feel in mastery of yourself.  You become the true director of your life and will no longer tolerate anything or anyone to enter your heart, mind or body that does not serve your highest intention and good.

​Natures loving growth of variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and all that place well for the body to raise the cellular structure in growth, support and matching of highly charged frequencies are to be experienced and seen in order to understand the relevance of these foods being of greatest of benefit to the body, mind soul combination. Feel through each action, every thought, every mouthful and you will most certainly be experiencing the moment and becoming so very much more mindful of what places well for your true self.
​If something creates pain in the body, then you can be sure it is both for your highest good to view as well as remove from your diet or even walk away from the person that leaves you feeling ‘less than’ emotions.  Create your life around and based on that beautiful essence of higher charges, lighter emotional occurrences and delighting the senses to expand in the beauty inside of you.

​Being the creator of your life, your body responses and what you truly choose to enter your inner sanctuary becomes a way of life in each moment of loving gestures towards yourself and your greatest of freedom from within. The awareness of experiencing this full understanding is to become completely conscious of your consumptions for greater peace within body, mind, spirit.

​Journey well,
​Sariah Sistar








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