Through the breath can you feel the essence of a freedom that may not be able to be comprehended or explained.  And this need not to be, for in the vital breath exists the souls essence of complete peace, harmony and state of freedom.

​By using conscious breathing, can you pause to reflect into the space between thoughts and emotions.  In taking that breath, feeling the lungs expand and letting go on the out breath, can you begin to relax into the moment.  By taking that pause, to truly become present to that moment, can you connect to the peaceful state within.

​Letting the breath move further through the whole body is a marvellous gift that you and only you, can grant yourself.  Allow it to fill you deeply with the beautiful life force energy of the universal vibration of unity, peace and comfort.  Taking the approach to allow yourself to breathe in life, to breathe in harmony, to breathe in the essence of the centre of you, will see you basking in the beauty within you.

​If you feel any angst in your day, you may take that moment to use your breath to expand the life support system, connecting you deeper to the centre within and let go of anything that does not serve you.

​The breath is a gift of life’s existence and to become conscious, without overly trying to achieve, you become consciously, closely aligned with your peace.

With love,

​Sariah Sistar

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