When you feel stuck in any situation in life, it will help to ‘check in’ on yourself first.  Have a little look at what your inner knowing is showing you.  What are you moving through in a current situation that can create further learning for you and your highest good/growth.
When you first refer to yourself and step back to take that broader view, without allowing emotions to overwhelm you, you will be using the witnessing effect of you, to just gain more clarity.  You may begin to see so many more choices, options and opportunities to strengthen your sense of self and increase the growth of your inner guidance.  When you use this part of yourself time and time again, you will become consciously aware of having far more answers to yourself, your life and circumstances than you may have ever been aware of before.
Maybe you have discussed so many of your intimate emotions, situations and relations with others and felt that you have given your power away for another to decide what you need to do, should do and dismissing any deeper understanding within yourself.  This is the easier option, is it not? As well as the common occurrence, as to what many people do.  And don’t worry or put yourself down any longer if you have been doing this, as it is most understandable.  We have not been taught to check in with ourselves and often times, no one else will redirect you back to yourself.  They will feel the need to help you, advise you and tell you what you should do with anything you discuss with relevance to your feelings.  It is rarity for another to return you back to look within you, to redirect you back with asking you the question of “how do you feel?” or ‘what do you think is best for you?’  Once again, they too are not aware of their own inner power to lead their own lives and are unconsciously only doing as they are used to others do to/for them.
If you feel it is time now to take your power back and feel through your own sense of self, developing that inner guidance to come through, then hold back on performing the ‘norm’ and asking others for advice, options for your life or directly handing your sense of self over to another.  Step aside for a moment, pause in the sun if emotions and thoughts are overwhelming you and gauge from beyond the small part of your individual self, take a good larger look as you peer in on your life from a ‘witness’ point of view.  No need to judge, just look with wonder and openness to gain further clarity, understanding and accepting of what is going on for you.  Whatever this may be for you at your current exposure to your life, let it be and take the time to truly see.
Allow yourself to feel the essence and understanding, that you are doing the best you can with what you know and at the same time of using your gauge to look deeply at any situation and this will help you through as you can relate further to you being present to life’s existence and the exploration of what life truly is.  You were not made to be perfect, to know what to do and do it by the way your mind will feel comfortable with, you are an explorer of life, a deep voyager of life’s existence, experiencing, experimenting and gaining growth through awareness and through life’s situations.
Journey Well

Sariah Sistar

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