Saying words that sound this way or that, that form a belief or perception about you that you may wish to show, may feel good, or weaved together in what they are interpreted to be. However, this is futile when they come not from the truth centre of experience, walking the talk(fused words through complete relating within)

There is a big difference to wanting this or that, wishing to be or even telling others what to do or be. Even sharing in the hope that you may be approved by another what you wish to be. In regards to this, be aware that you are not hiding further from yourself. That you are not concealing the truth within you to wear a mask of this or that. Being honest with yourself is completely representing your truth, where you have walked in learnings, lessons, understandings and honesty within, to share the real rawness of you. Baring your essence of true experience is showing the internal to external and does not require any approval, notoriety or even any alteration from another’s opinion of you.

​Actioning speaks volumes.  That being said, it is when you wish to be a certain way or do the things that matter to do, you may be infusing your language with what you can conceive to be just that type of person you may wish to be or the experiences of that what you endeavour to see.  However, if no movement is made to experience the full gammet of this, you cannot then hide from yourself as you know deep down that you are not in alignment to this truth.  This can cause much inner conflict as you show others a perception of you, but really the truth remains oblivious to your heart.

​On another note, if you are truly wishing to give to others and know that you are holding back due to fear or misunderstandings not yet learnt, you may step up to confront this with inside of yourself and take relevant action to ‘walk your talk’.  When you walk your talk, you are in alignment both to what you say and do, there is no conflict inside of what you show, say, be, are, believe, as well as know inside of your mind, body and heart.  You show transparency, authenticity, realness and peace of what you just are, both internally and externally shown.

​Words are easy to convey, the most difficult task is to show yourself what you can do to be honest with yourself and be what you are both to yourself and others.  In honestly living from the point of awareness of what you are and displaying this without purpose, just being what you are inside to out, you are in alignment with your true self.  Once again, this is stabilising the truth centre of the inner world to the outer world, and the inner is required to be seen by you in order to show up in authentic space to the outer world view.  Lying to yourself will never be peaceful, never be enough to soothe the truth that is trying to hide.

​In actioning is where experiences are gathered and understandings are revealed.  This is also where the momentum of a persons transparency begins to truly align with the deepest part of a persons existence and the true sense of freedom awakens.


​Sariah Sistar


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