Are you looking for purpose in your life?  A sense of why you are here and what is life all about?  Life is full of questioning, contemplating and querying the why’s, what’s, how’s…wondering at times, why you are feeling a certain way or been given a particular challenging situation.

You are not alone, as many question their purpose and query at times in despair, why they have to go through another tough experience.  Can you see that life throw’s obstacles and challenges our way to expand our growth, to make us truly explore further avenues and learn through the circumstance.  Yes, I know, that sometimes, these feel very very difficult and maybe you feel that you are being challenged more than others, or your hardship is in a league of it’s own!

But you know what…You can do this thing called life, as we all can, no matter what stage of growth we are on, what is faced and presented for our higher growth.  There is a power inside of you that knows no limit to your potential, your expansion in self mastery through all of these learnings of growth.

You were built tougher to withstand life’s tests when you feel the truth of your existence through your Heart.  Remember, it is often times, just what you have been led to believe about yourself that perceives your inability to face the situation with an understanding that this is a learning.

What can often help is to look back at a situation that you found difficult before in your life, a time that you may have felt the same depleted way, as you may now or tomorrow or whenever you are presented with this again.  Can you see, that you did in fact, move through it, the time is over and maybe you can even see a blessing for yourself by looking deeper at what was presented as a learning for you.

If you can’t see this then just know that is okay too as you may see this further on down the track.  Reviewing your life’s journey by placing your emotions aside, can give you a broader perspective on deeper learnings and even weavings as to how you are where you are today based on the outcomes.  So many varied experiences, but truly if you look and bear witness to the workings of life, you will find a more full spectrum of understanding.

And that leads us back to purpose.  Purpose is what people want to feel, sometimes in order to feel more fulfilled, more special, more unique and worthy.  And that is okay and understandable.  However, if you happen to be a person that views life from a broader perspective, then maybe you can also conceptualise that purpose remains true to learnings lived:)

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar


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