Do you feel a sense of trepidation when you think to take a further step towards what your heart is calling you to do?  Do you feel your truth and yet feel scared to take that initial response?  This is what the yin/yang effect is that is going on inside of a person to make the switch between responding only based from the mind or the inner knowing of the soul aspect.  In accepting through greater understanding of the correlation between the mind and the emotional reaction to the thought, can a person realise the depth of the entwining proposition.  The display of fear or hesitation in following the call of what you truly wish to do, can leave you feeling unsure and maybe even another set back or stand still in just conforming to what you are used to or anything that does not leave you feeling that fear of change.
​Breaking through the barrier of what you once thought would be detrimental to yourself, you will gain a freedom of absolute wonder as you marvel at the wonder of the illusion of the fear that used to block you from moving forward.  Life is full of challenges, whether through circumstances, relations and uncertainties of outcomes.  However, this is where the endless abyss of learning is.  Through all these moments, you can choose to live your life based on your fears and uncertainties or through wonder and excitement of possibilities.  Being honest with yourself and feeling scared is a gift in itself, as once again, your honesty with you is the most loving act you can ever choose in order to free up the density of continual dismissal.  In allowance to express to yourself that you feel scared and not sure of what to do, you can also offer yourself that loving hand and voice that can console and soothe that worry to lead your life based on the relationship that you have within yourself.
​Never has it been that outcomes must be known or seen before taking that approach of what you feel is best for you.  In fact, the possibilites will expand open even greater to the full view if outcomes are not predicted by your mind or understood entriely.  And this is where surrender comes into it.  Surrender is not in giving up on yourself or giving in or any other misconception. It is letting go of anything that is weighing you down, limiting your growth or snuffing you out.  Your own thoughts, others in your life, or external situaitons that you have placed yourself in, when you surrender, you drop the hold on what you tightly gripped before.  You will be floating in the divine flow of life to open and expand in whatever will be and the freedom of unrestraint beauty will open for you, to you and because of you.
​Take charge of your life, let go, let life love you and drop the need to know every outcome, every possibility and take the path that is endlessly devoted to you in highest service to the highest good for you.

Journey Well.
​Sariah Sistar

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