Generally it has not been taught about being gentle with inside of one’s self.  In a harsh world environment when the identifying of rights and wrongs play out in such an extreme way of being, that to be gentle, soft and kind, or even to give that break to yourself has often times been dismissed as too delicate an act to perform.  Being gentle is finding that sweet spot to extend towards one’s self and internally exude this in all daily activities and especially with inside with your thoughts too.

In being gentle, you offer yourself a break, a pause, an allowance that you are doing the best you can with what you got, what you know, what you are moving through, and anything that comes up inside of yourself or in your external life view.  Lifting up one’s self is coming from this centre pause from with the heart to speak gently with encouragement, support and endless worthy uplifting words that can create further peace within as you find the way to dig deeper into the once hidden parts of you.  This too, will see a person go the opposite to what others are doing and feeling about themselves, remembering that you are doing this for yourself and returning back towards yourself and the inner view of you, your intimate journey that only you can choose to help yourself with.  It is going easy on yourself, finding pleasant enjoyment in life to experience whilst moving through challenges, gently building that support system with you that almost certainly no-one else has ever given you. 

Many gentle steps see a pathway being shaped to naturally conduct further steps with confidence in learning just what you can do for yourself and how far you can reach within to trust you know what is best for you.  Just as a friendship, you may not put up with a person that is aggressive or bullying you, rather if they are gentle, you will feel supported and nurtured, cared for.  This too, is what you are able to do for yourself as you offer all these actions of gentleness and kindness as you are experiencing anything else going on in your life.

Gentleness with inside of a person, sees the witnessing of peace from within.  Giving yourself that break and allowing yourself to feel the essence of understanding, sees past the conditions that may have been placed on you to feel anything but worthy.  Devoting yourself to choosing to use your heart light to show kindness to yourself, will feel more of the peace and assurity of just what you can do for yourself.

Journey Well.

With love,


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