Surrendering sees you give yourself over to divine intervention.  The initial element is surrendering over to the way things ‘should’ be done or could be done or even need to be done.  The impact on a person being at the whim of others and further impacts on themselves.   Almost like a person ties themselves down to waiting on another to give them something or expecting them to behave a certain way, limits their own ability to flow and at the same time, limits a persons’ own ability to walk in your own essence of their truth.

​When you allow the stage of life to work with you, you then realise the incredible abilities within us all to create, flow and be free to explore the potential of the highest calling.  In relevance to this, you will be shown many new signs and synchronicities to occur naturally as you no longer have such a tight grip from what your mind ‘thinks’ it needs, wants and the big one, what it expects.
​In releasing the thoughts of what you see as an outcome, you become greater abled to flow with variations of potential experiences, learnings and no longer will you feel impacted by any occurrences. You become able to realise more about what life is offering to you and why things have eventuated in this way, whatever way it is for you.

​Surrendering over these needs of the mind’s restraints in expecting, will see you move more into the universal flow of your ability to surrender on a deeper scale of truly opening up to endless possibilities as you no longer feel impacted in your individual sense as to what happens because of others in your life.  You will appreciate the outcomes as the blessings that were once hidden become revealed to you in your understanding of what life is giving you as a gift of complete devotion to you.

​Surrendering forms trust in yourself, life and the unseen presence of us all.  Life will not hurt so much when you expand into the appreciation of allowance of your journey to reveal itself.  And your heart will be at peace as you realise through this acceptance of the beauty that lays within you, others and life’s existence.

​Surrender over to trust that life has you held in the arms of the eternal knowing of your endless potential, your highest calling and you will find complete support in your own inner abilities to lead your life based on the truth of you.

​Journey Well

Sariah Sistar

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