Remembering that you do not owe anyone anything, will set the tone for you to venture further into your truth and peaceful presence within. You are not here to be a door mat for others to wipe their angst, despair, anger or any forms of abuse on. How they choose to behave has absolutely nothing to do with you, in fact, it is none of your business. They have their own inner world view of themselves, others and learnings to complete. These are the moments that you may relate also to, not being able to ever change anyone else. We see others trying to do this, some pleading for them to change to be what is wished for by another, or seeking their approval before being able to move on to do what your heart feels is best. Energy of each individual is required and expired during interactions, if you can see how much energy that is expressed with others that may not align with you (and most of the time, if you are honest with yourself, you do know this), or when people are unkind, dismissive of you or projecting for their own enticement at yourself or others, then you may be more inclined and aware of who you interact with, where you place your focus and what situations you choose to entertain.

There is no need to mess around with expending your energy on those that are not willing or even respectful of you. Your life force energy is precious and of course endless, however this is about your inner peace and the respect you build with yourself will be shown in your life by who and what you are choosing to be around. Caring for yourself is looking out for those that do not care for you. Understanding them with compassion is one thing, tolerating their behaviour towards you is another.

As a gauge you may recall the times when you have felt drained, or whilst having the interaction you hear your inner knowing wish to walk away, but you most often times stay, almost part of that societal programming, that requires people to put up with it, be polite, listen to others woes, and but of course, not care about self. And no, this is not to be misconstrued at not being a pleasant human being, this is about honouring yourself, listening to your needs, treating yourself well and so many more actions that move a person more in alignment with their ability to be authentic and learning actions of self love/care.

When you become aware of options, you become more enabled to pause to hear your inner voice, to feel your senses prick up in indication and warning of the interaction not sitting well with your truth. You connect with this internal radar and honour how you feel with certain situations, places or people that deplete any part of you. In taking that assertive action to choose to walk away with your desire to keep your truth close, stay in a higher vibration and learn to support yourself, you will be witnessing the effects of just what your truth can do for you.

Journey Well.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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