Flowing through life in different situations, places us in unique ways to no longer confine ourselves to ordinary. Structure with conditions about who we are and who we need to be, snuffs out our inner guide and connection to our authentic state of being. Growing in our own sense of self develops as we become more aware of our deeper sensory indications, our deeper sense of our own truth as well as the feeling of what mis-aligns with this part.

When sensing deeper into the layers of ourselves, we use our sensitivities and develop the inner knowing to grow beyond thoughts, ideas, beliefs and any other restriction. Exploring life to reach our true potential, is through the enjoyment in the wonder of witnessing all that life has to offer. By focusing in on raising the emotion of wonder and awe at the way things are designed, birthed and nurtured, both in nature, people and any other wonder of life’s creation, we infuse this deeper sense of exploration to assist with learning more about ourselves.

Creating harmony to occur with the balancing of challenges and natural abilities to support ourselves both individually and universally through our deeper part of us. Support is then offered further from pathways opening by universal flow of life offering more to grow, flow and sow as we learn in motion.  Through our focusing and refocusing into what we wish to experience, we open the channel to be supported, nurtured and assisted in abundant avenues.  Feeling our way through situations whilst infusing the greater trust in knowing that we are witnessing a greater occurance taking shape, will set many more opportunities to present.

With love,



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