Our thoughts create our experiences, our interconnected emotions with what the mind wishes to understand is internalised within our own sense of our self. In experiencing feelings, we are able to unravel the depth within our own truth and relate more to others around us. When we choose to view deeper into ourselves we match up a frequency that holds the understanding that once was not able to be seen. The mind can at times block the flow of this inner knowing, this inner guidance and our innate ability to take shape.  The questioning that can be circling the mind with doubts or any learnt patterns of unworthiness, we can pause to reflect and allow the emotions of the connection to these thoughts to be released.  In doing so, we are allowing ourselves further freedom to explore more about who we are and what we are capable of doing.

Feelings of being stuck in the mind aspect can be presented by the continual repeated attempts with always focusing in on the dismissal of the inner intelligence. When we shut down our feelings, we block off the flow of life, of learning, of our self-worthiness and our inner beauty.

Many times can it be experienced when the past pains can be so ingrained in our sensory system that to move forward can seem like the hardest task of all.  In relating to this, you are admitting to yourself in a courageous way that you are ready to step into the flow more and reveal deeper parts of yourself than you may have once wished to see.

The mind believes that it is safer to stay in the comfort of what we are use to, what we feel is injustice to ourselves in the state of disarray and less than powerful thoughts of encouragement or leadership of our own lives. The turning point can be to expand the mind’s ability to relate further with the sensation pull of what a person wishes to do, believe and choose. The mind is so busy during a life, that many times, a person is not even aware of the thoughts that shape a way of existence. Choosing to step aside from the continual thinking can be the reprieve for the inner essence within to expand and the wisdom to become available. The sun is a recharging device that connects with our energy, exuding the warmth on our skin, through our cells, into our feelings of upliftment and the sense of deeper peace.  The most simplest of forms of nature has been set up for us to utilise on more aware levels of what the outcome of using these devices can be to assist with re-focusing our point of intention.

Believing in the goodness of life, in others and in the alignment with our inner guide, begins to redirect any blockages of conditioned restraint or doubts or anything that does not serve the deeper essence.

The quality of what we choose to experience is in line with what is able to be accepted, not always by our minds, but rather through our energy flow.

With love,



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