Such a vital part of our relating to each other is through the way we communicate. Sometimes part of conditioning has been to not state clearly what our wishes, needs or wants are. Maybe it too is apart of programming that lays deep inside a person to not be able to speak up and say what it is that they may be attempting to convey.  Many people have experienced the way another may speak if they have not communicated previously how they truly feel inside, this can come out in such a way that does not have the intent for resolution.  If words have been suppressed in a way of bottling up emotions or not stating with clear non-responsive communication, then words may turn to a harsher way and affect the person they are spoken to. 

The importance is to speak clearly the first time the opportunity becomes available if the need is sought.  Then a person may come from a more balanced stand point to admit their feelings or state honestly how they feel without the build up from suppressed emotions.  Of course, it is always worthwhile to gauge with our heart the intent to offer a resolution or our presence of the neutral zone to not expect the return of a person to agree with us but rather be clearly understood and at least heard.  This comes from the action of self-love, to state honestly how we feel as well as offering the other person respect to disclose what the needs may be.  Communication varies so greatly and may not necessarily be from a need to be heard but may just be to relate further as to how another is thinking/feeling.

Clear, precise and neutral communication with words of non-judgement are essential in many relationships, friendships and roles we play.  To be understood and seek resolution based on peaceful intent can actually inspire others to do the same.  And often times, the other person respects more the individual that has cared enough to share in an authentic way.  In regards to this, if communication is made clear from the start and has not be waiting until emotions have been rolling over the suppressed feelings, then the true alignment will be shown and not blown out of proportion.

Most people have experienced either from themselves or others, the harsh way words can come across when they have not been expressed previously and this can be painful and create separation to some point.  Being upfront and true can take inner strength, as well as the experiences further of what the impact of clear communicating can assist both parties with.  Our self wisdom too is grown in a more solid foundation within ourselves when we can gauge from a higher perspective the two directions in reflections.

Miscommunication or lack of communication can create further unresolved issues that build barriers between both parties and lessen the growth of mutual respect.  On another note, sometimes if words are spoken from suppressed emotions and the other person takes a pause not to be reactive to this, then the ability is possible to transform through the return of clear communication and reflection.  Of course, it is not always possible that both people will be in agreement or wish to understand each other but the point here is to say that as long as an individual has the self knowledge of understanding how they respond is always an option that is worthy enough to relate further to how our relationships with others work. 

Clear communicating builds self-knowledge within an individual and combined it can assist with the growth of trust, unity and allowance in all our relationships. Inner reflecting is key to this as we take a broader view by placing emotions aside to pause to gain greater clarity from a witnessing stand point. 

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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