Self guidance is empowering our intuitive skills to be utilised for our further growth, direction and opening up more for us to see. In doing so, we step beyond the comfort of the mind, braving the depths of being led by our inner senses that become our true gifts. Many answers to life are revealed as we allow inner guidance to place at the forefront of our focus. In doing so, the angst of what the mind has believed in a limited capacity is expanded to be accepted by our sense of self. The development of further abilities is revealed as we gauge what is for our highest good, even when our thoughts may interject with the appearance of discomfort from our emotions too.

Many natural occurances shape at the same time that we believe in our sensitivities, our instinctual responses to the world, others and ourselves. As we use our compassion for others, showing and sharing our hearts (which can be unique in itself), we are becoming aware of the huge impact that keeping our own heart open can have on our natural forming of the belief in ourselves, through doubts of the mind. Ever so often, it has become common place to suppress, hide, hold back love, not be raw, real or viable as to the impact of using our hearts can have on those around us and for our highest growth as well. Holding on to do what others are doing or rejecting is ignoring the call of the heart in order to fit in, but even so, many are aware of that initial response to comfort or care for another and this is completely worthy, however not to just follow suit, but rather done from the genuine heart space of the essence that is held.

If the situation arises again to respond to the heart with braving to follow the instinctual senses, then the pull of that can lead to greater awareness and naturally return to ourselves of what has been offered. In this knowledge, what we give we are gifting ourselves, what we hold back, we hold back from feeling within. The essential perspective is to no longer resist the response of the natural flow of life, the natural state of our being expressive of our hearts content. Sure, we may feel different, may get frowned upon or dismissed, but even so, we are at peace within and able to no longer require approval from others to how we wish to show our hearts, understand others and relate deeper to the qualities that are shown the more we guide ourselves through inner knowing.

So much is revealed as we grow beyond comfort zones, normality and commonality, that to continue on to travel with the deeper sense of self, do we intimately journey through life witnessing more of our capabilities and realising the potential of every person. Naturally grown too is self-healing through our openness in the foundation of support that we offer through a relationship with ourselves, becoming more self reliant that we refer to inner senses rather than asking others for approval, answers or opinions.

This leads us to acknowledge the one we are and flow more freely with the journey of our own life, whilst being in the presence of others as we offer support, encouragement and lead our lives from being an example for others to share their own hearts.

Love’s Blessings,



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