Smaller personalities are often viewed as the weaker link

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Have you ever felt small, less worthy and maybe even a little insignificant? Have you ever felt the feeling of being ‘less than’ others? Then this blog is for you. And if you cannot relate to this feeling then maybe you will appreciate the value of how reactions towards quieter personalities may have shaped your opinions or beliefs.
​There are many good hearted people that are not the bigger personalities, never making themselves the centre of attention for others to admire, never making waves to create conflict and quietly go about their business in a humbled manner. There is a societal conditioning that the people that take centre stage, that continually speak up loud always to be heard and that have many people do as they ask, are more powerful, stronger, honourable, worthy etc. The workplace can be a fine example of this varied layer of personality trait. The power levels, the tricks, deception, the roles that are played in order to fit into the job title, the leaders that do not consider others feelings, rather be forcefully focused on having others follow them and their opinions, disregarding others that do present with a quieter personality as a form of weakness.
Whilst others are busy trying to look good, have their opinions validated and personalities expanded, the quieter ones are busy just witnessing the workings of life, often reflecting on those around them and the deeper meaning of life. They are often times, the ones that are viewed as the weaker, more meek and less worthy of having an opinion. In fact, in a general sense these can be the peace makers, the humbled folk that are not interested in conflict, validation or glory.
To bring the focal point and the awareness of this blog’s intention, is not in looking further at the bigger personalities rather highlighting the effect of the societal conditioned belief of the quiet achievers. That being said, the belief of the larger personalities is that of strength, confidence, ability and so on, whilst the smaller personalities are believed to be all the opposite of this, and this can leave many that are the softer, gentler and more genuine personalities, to feel less than others. Maybe they do not completely believe this within themselves as they may be viewing the play of how others behave and gaining further understanding and ability within themselves than they wish to give away. But in the way others respond to them in comparison to the beliefs they have about the ‘stronger personalities’ can effect them and can make these humbled bunch, feel confused within themselves.
In deeper understanding, you may witness yourself being often seen as a smaller personality and feel dismissed by others as unworthy, if you do speak up, which may be a rarity given that you do not intend for conflict or confrontation, then you may be confronted further with being ‘mocked’ to even dare to have an opinion. Others may make judgements on your worthwhile abilities, centred approach and quieter stance through lack of their own understanding. In remaining true to yourself, you do not require to defend your way or follow along with the crowd in order to conform to please others and have them accept you to be as they are. And you are too busy witnessing the workings of life anyway, whilst going about quietly as you find your way through life’s greater understanding.
​The big highlight here is that if you are what is viewed as the smaller personality and you wish to stay true to yourself then there is no need to feel alone, different or less worthy. As I have shared, it is a hidden condition that is shaped around the mass majority’s beliefs as to frown upon the quieter, more humbled ones that are the contemplators rather than the constant forceful instigators.
​Keep being true to you as you stand by yourself to witness life’s workings around you, through you and know the belief systems around you in others are to be understood rather then allowing them to effect you with overwhelming uncertainty.

Love’s Blessings


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