What is it to live from your true self?

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Living from your true self is when you are in complete alignment to your innate nature, your inherent core realisation of self. When you can be truly and undeniably honest with yourself in every situation faced. When you no longer hide anything from yourself is when you find that you are living from your true self. When you live from your truth in body, mind, spirit, you connect with your soul. Being transparent with yourself is the way to live from your truest version of you.

In order to discover what your true self is, you need to surrender over what you have been told or shaped by others as to who you are. You keep discovering and uncovering layers of what have been placed on you by others, family, friends, peers and further more, by what society has conditioned you to be.

Taking the step towards finding your true self, can take some sorting through, many layers of misconceptions need to be viewed by yourself as you work your way through to finding what your own core truth is.

The simplest, yet intricate, beginning can be just to step aside from judging the thoughts that are taking place in your mind. Just breathe for a moment and pause so you can hear what is going on in your mind. Who’s thoughts are they? Have these thought patterns been causing you anguish or despair? Maybe you have taken words of others and what they ‘think’ of you into your mind and heart. You have a choice to free these words and start to shape a newer reality for yourself as you realise the types of thoughts that do not serve you any longer.

Listen to what your mind has been creating or berating yourself and allow it to wash over you as you form another view. Take your time, be patient with yourself. Remember now, that you may have been listening to this over many years and be comfortable with the norm of what you are use to hearing yourself say about you.

However, if you are reading these words, you are obviously ready to embark on the path of true freedom as you remove layers of unwanted patterns to find the essence of your core self. When you do, you will no longer require approval off any else or ever have the need to be accepted by another again, you will find a power centre inside of you that will give you strength from your own true self that will always be more than enough to move you into truly living from your true self for the rest of your life.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it! Well, it is completely and undeniably possible for you to take charge of your life and transform into the wonder that you were born into this world to be. I believe in you as I have believed in me. I see what we can all be as we all find the courage to face the truth of our existence and heal ourselves on every level to find the core essence of our divine authentic self.

Love’s Blessings,


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