Taking responsibility and ownership of the choices that are made, can bring awareness of the choices that have shaped certain circumstances.  Circumstances are designed from a direct link to choices based on free will.  When presented with options and having designed your life given the decisions, you bare witness to further ability to create and recreate your life.

Becoming aware of the impact of choices is reflecting upon the circumstances around you, the people you choose to associate with, the environment you give to yourself, and a whole range of other decisions.

Situations through experience can be slightly different to circumstance.  Experiences that have been universally presented to you in attempt for your growth are granted for further exploration through lessons.

Although, remember that circumstances are the choices that a person makes in regards to what is being experienced.  There is no need to be harsh on yourself, for many times there can be an unconsciousness regarding how a person may feel in relation to themselves.  It is in the understanding of the impact of the choices to reveal the responsibility that only you have to redirect your life.  With greater awareness you may express your capabilities to transform your life in your own unique way.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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