Awareness through conscious consideration

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Consciousness of an individual is understanding through experience.  When able to learn through life’s lessons and play witness to the impact of these experiences, we gain awareness of life’s learnings.  Once an experience/situation has been completely learnt, the movement forward is provided to reveal more information for self growth.

Hidden within the heart of the mind’s consciousness, there is a propelling that naturally leads a person to encounter a variety of experiences to challenge the growth of the individual.  Through experiencing the full impact of emotions, witnessing the influence, emotional impacts and encounters from a higher level of perception, you will not require to experience again.

If the learning is not being wholly experienced in al it’s entirety, the lesson will present itself once more.  This is not done from a level of what the mind may perceive as an injustice, rather as a child of the universe being granted the continual option to experience the learnings of life towards the growth of you.

The universal knowing can see that in offering you the weavings of interactions, relations and detailed variations of life’s encounters, you are gifted with the never ending choice to learn more.  A completed experience arises the consciousness of you to expand further, growing at your own free will.

Acceleration of awareness flows freely as the individual embraces the learning through the presenting of each situation.  No further can a person feel stuck once the seeing of the blessing is revealed.  Furthermore, it will no longer be possible to be placed back in the experience that has already shaped the conscious level of you and that is when you have gained complete knowledge of the lesson.

The universal way of existence is to complete experiences in each varied contrast to glimpse your Truth as you learn further about yourself.  It is not in trying that a person will attempt to experience, rather in allowing, witnessing and unlearning of conditioning that the impact will be towards bravely moving forward.

Experiences may still present as painful at times and even very difficult too, although the impact will not affect you as severely as once before due to previous understanding of the blessing through the lesson.

See the gift through the shared experiences of life’s learnings is being able to gauge that you too are here to learn, as we all are, each and every day.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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