The higher self is not some part of you that is bigger than you, only the Ego self thinks that or may wish  to mis-guide you towards not feeling the essence of the higher self, which is the deeper self or furthermore, the truer state of our Being, our Soul Self.

Many misperceptions are based around unintentional misunderstandings as to what exactly is the higher self.  Some believe it to be described as almost a separate part of themselves, something that is untouchable or more powerful and out of reach.  They may chant complex rigid mantras to connect with this part of themselves, of course this is but okay, however it is not necessarily that difficult.  Some may believe that it is a part of themselves that is separate, somehow superior or needs glorification.  So vast are the perceptions, it is just in discussing does the forefront of what you may perceive come to the light of your awareness.  There is no complexity other than the conditioning of beliefs of others that may state how this higher self aspect is accessed.  There is an exceptional existence with inside of us all.

The ego self with the lack of understanding may be hell bent on conditioning, and can be easily led astray by describing that this part that is the higher self is more complex, unattainable and maybe even accessed only by an elite few.  Look at the times in history gone by, when a person has been placed on a pedestal in glory to what they may have attained, and this is further conditioning of the weaker part of the ego that may wish to dismiss you as separate from this unreachable device.  The higher self whish is truly not higher, or more worthy or more this or that, is in the centre of you, never disconnected to this truth.  Although, being unconsciously aware or misguided by others to believe it to be external somehow, can be detrimental to the truth you may seek to find.  By YOU deciding to listen to your higher self’s guidance, which for now may be the smaller voice within, you may begin to see that it will grow the more you use this deeper aspect of yourself.  Nurturing your soul self with compassion, honesty, understanding, kindness and love, this includes yourself too, will you be blossoming within in the beauty that you truly are.

The deeper knowing part of each person is present within at every given moment of your life.  Right now, you have full connection to this Source within, your higher self, soul self, whatever you wish to call or label this part of you, is watching, waiting and supporting you.  It is never far from reach or expecting you to ‘bend’ to others devices in order to align.  It is all within alignment with your own innate knowing that can free up the misconceptions in response to shape a deeper understanding with Yourself.

There is not one person that does not have this advanced part of themselves, for you would not be alive and breathing without it.  The heart has started from this part of you, the life force structure within, that IS the truest version of you.

No complexity, no need to try, just become present to the gift of the entirety of YOU.  All parts of your self play vital roles in the development of each humans experience and are relevant to the growth of the soul’s unfolding.  Feel into your truth and allow it to expand, grow and to embrace all that you are.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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