The lens of choice

You and only you choose the lens you wish to view life’s learning, yourself and others.  Even through the most challenging of circumstances, the lens you view from, which is the focal point of the mindset that is locked in at that moment, is a choice that is presented that is freely provided to either lift yourself up, have a giggle and be light or allow life to be overwhelming.  I realise completely how difficult this can be for some during experiences and tangles of emotions.  However, I also know how easy it truly is to make a choice to witness the beauty around yourself, in others and life in general.

When understanding that we are free to make choices on how we allow life to impact, we become in a more empowered position to gain further knowledge and experience greater awareness of the power within.

Recalling if you can, the times when you may not have ‘bought’ into the whinging, nagging negative mindset that others around you may have played and you paused to allow yourself to smile from the inside anyway.  Smile, because life wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously!  When we smile and keep a positive outlook through our approach, we alter the impact and effect on our experiences.

Things that once felt so overwhelming become more able to be witnessed rather than impacted on our sense of ourselves.  The mindset is then focused more so on the blessings in the lessons.  Remembering now that in choosing the mindset and the lens through which you view, is not about hiding genuine feelings that you may be experiencing, but rather, seeing and allowing your truth to be present whilst being kind to yourself at the same time.  Yes, there may be times when situations feel completely out of your hand so to speak, and this is okay to feel this way, you can freely choose your own mindset with further support for yourself.  This establishes further the ability in you to comfort, support and grow no matter what is going on externally around you.

Taking note of the way we choose to respond broadens the capability to direct a persons own life and alter the perception of how you view.  You become consciously aware of how your responding relates to what you are experiencing.

There is no need to get ‘caught up’ in the storm of life.  Just ride with it, centre in on what you believe in yourself and understand that choices are always present to direct your life.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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