What image may you be attempting to convene in order to be portrayed with the beliefs embedded in this image? For instance, do you wish to show yourself as someone trustworthy, perfect and intelligent – what image do you ‘see’ in your mind that includes this? What images do you have that may agree with your minds belief as to what this type of person ‘should’ be?

Looking at descriptions of words surrounding an image can help you see further of what others and even maybe yourself may be believing and most certainly, this can be unconsciously and unintentionally ingrained, so be kind to yourself and others.

Images of characters play out in our lives, even with close relations. Maybe you can see a husband or wife behave a certain way in public and maybe in a different way towards you. You may glimpse times when a mask can slip and some may become undone and feel insecure if the mask slips. But with compassionate understanding, you may see too that the image may feel safe to have placed over their true selves.

Conditioning of wearing masks and playing out roles has been deeply embedded into the human psyche, through concepts and beliefs. This understanding is relevant to experiencing separation from the true identity. It is also furthermore, relevant to learning the removal of the masks and fabricated belief systems in order to find Your truth.  So it is not to judge yourself or others when you learn to witness the ‘masks’, most certainly not.  Rather, in acceptance of a system of conditioning, you gauge a more expanded understanding of deeper learnings of life and are able to explore as much as you wish.

The uncovering and reveal of the character traits will show you may new concepts both about yourself and others.  You may view others that fight against all odds to force a mask back on.  For instance, a person that may behave in a way that is hurtful towards others may wear a mask that may seem as ‘perfection’.  As if they are always in control and living a life of incredible goodness.  But this is not always the case as it varies so greatly and is entangled in explosive amounts of individual conceptions and inner worlds that you can never just pin point one version.

The pressure in societal restraints and conditioning can be detrimental in a formed belief as to how a person needs to display themselves and what is needed to conform and play in order to be accepted by the ‘norm’.  Although, this is also heavily embedded in a collective system of what is approved of by the majority, what is mimicked in childhood and most likely this is subconsciously weaved without intent.

Once you are truly attempting or beginning to understand the wider variety of roles that are played in each person’s life, you may glimpse further more the inner you in expanded awareness as to the way the world around yourself has been shaped.  This is a wonderful experience to contemplate further as you are learning, growing and understanding with compassion and able to take more conscious steps towards finding your own Truth and the core version of you.

Love’s Blessings,

Sariah Sistar


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