In times of sorrow or sadness, just your approach of what you can offer to yourself is a gift to your heart.  The greatest impact that you can soothe within yourself is much more than anyone else can or will be able to ever give to you.  When you are having a hard time or experiencing pain from any type of situation or challenge, the One you can turn to is yourself.  The way you speak to yourself is of relevant concern here and can leave you feeling a deeper sense of peace as you exude the kindness that you give to others towards yourself too.

​Stating firmly to yourself that it will be okay or you can handle this or even I am here for you.  This all builds that relationship that you have with you and you begin to count on your own inner voice to fill yourself up with positivity, support and encouragement in your life.

​Gaining greater clarity will begin to increase more and more as you become conscious of your abilities to transform your doubts, fears and hidden patterns.  The revealing of your thoughts and your dismissal of the incredible powerful impact that you can have on your life, can dismantle the angst that you may feel.  A natural occurrence is experienced when you begin to nurture, care and honour your own needs through self-exploration.  Building that friendship inside is so relevant to no longer be dismissive of your core needs and care that you crave.

​In trying something new, you will begin to experience the greatest of capacity that you never knew, as you honour that space within you to be there for yourself and accept that you are just as you are and no longer restrain that heart full attempt by pushing away that love that you deny to you.  Almost like you are holding your hand out to yourself and the moment you take hold of that loving gesture is the moment that you will experience that impact of beauty that has always been available and apart of you.  Many times, you may have pushed that hand away or shoved it so greatly in dismissal that the hand has felt the rejection that many times, that the hand stops coming forward.  Ever so gently can you move it again and this time, take a loving hold.  But of course, this is just as a visual of what self-love can do and the way you can truly comfort the one you are.  However, it is so relevant when it comes to the back and forth of the play that can be continually being witnessed when you are in any angst within yourself.

​The moment you take that loving hand and guide yourself back to you, is the moment you may feel a stir of the sweetest surrender of tears as you are honouring yourself, your needs and lifting yourself up to finally acknowledge the one that has always been awaiting you.

Return to you, In love
​Sariah Sistar

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