Denying your truth of what you ‘know’ in your heart is turning away from yourself.  When blocking your inner knowing you are dismissing yourself from further growth in understanding.  Objecting to your inner guidance, you may be witnessing an inner battle, conflict or opposition.  Every part of yourself serves ‘its’ purpose for if you did not have the inner battle how would you be able to find the deeper sense of peace or even know of ‘its’ existence as you move towards alignment with your true self.

The gift you can offer yourself is to reveal of what you may have been attempting to hide, both from yourself and others.  It is in the reveal through acknowledgment that you may eventually view a deeper understanding of the workings taking place inside of you.  You may not understand at first and that is okay.  Through consoling yourself, even during times of your lack of understanding of why, what, how you behave the way you do and where it has been created, you are directly nurturing the capacity to understand.  As you do, you may reveal further the truth for your conscious awareness that comes forth as you allow the presence of what once you suppressed come to view.

The deeper sense of yourself will grow as you support, encourage and entice yourself to be true to you, to take that greater view and find the courage to take action to free up the space of deeper understanding.  In acknowledgement of the deeper sense of yourself, you may feel inclined to nurture yourself or give that break that you deserve, for you to breathe in a pause between life’s challenges.  Comforting and nurturing yourself is vital to assist with a forward motion to expand in your own understanding of your life’s deeper meaning.

Journey Well.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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