The mechanisms of the mind can be limited by the details of what is taught, learnt and believed by society’s way.  Subconsciously allowing to inject vital belief functions have unintentionally disabled the capability of the higher self guidance.  As you explore the structures within you and the way you view the world around you, you may glimpse the times when you have acted without noticing or being fully present.

Have you seen as you may review now any previous choices or paths you have travelled, only to question why you made that decision.  Maybe you acted on autopilot and were not completely present to reflect consciously on further options.

Making decisions can often times be done from a quick point of reference to what others would choose to do.  Maybe you have thought about what your parents, friends or peers would choose and you have just followed the ‘norm’.  Without conscious consideration with your own inner knowing, you may be missing a vital clue that may direct you towards initiating your life from your unique, natural way of what sits well for you.

Becoming aware of what has been shown in your life before and noticing the impact of how you may have felt or feel still now towards your decisions, places you in a stronger position to open up to more choices for yourself.

When a person acts on autopilot they are directed by inbuilt structures of conditioning.  When you become conscious of this, you will begin to see furthermore possibilities.  Your instincts will be able to gauge rather than you being led only by your mind and what others wish you to do/be.

Opening the gauge of your deeper senses can create infinite outcomes for further self growth and alignment with your own truth.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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