During some ponderings I had the other day,  regarding the focus on International Women’s Day, I have been questioning different parts of our unique male and female counterparts.  This is a deep interpretation of what I have been understanding and I feel it is relevant to share in a blog.

There is still a slight tip of the scales from the mainstream view in perception as to our separation from our brothers.  I heard today, ‘women’s power, its our time’ or ‘I don’t want to hear anymore about women today’ – from a male that was clearly over the focusing in on women.  Seeing so many vast differences in statements regarding this day, I was left to ponder first on society in a general sense and the way we as women feel towards men and vice versa.  It was shown in the light of my own awareness, that we still have much to achieve and work towards to bring greater equality in views from both sexes to co-exist in peace, harmony and unconditional love for one another.

I however, acknowledge the relevance of women rising to claim back their own power centre, by releasing, healing, letting go, flowing, remembering, activating and restoring their own balance within, especially regarding the nurturing qualities and capabilities we hold as the maternal part of us to birth into this world.  And this is a sure sign to be able to step up to equally support our men to rise as we embrace all aspects of ourselves. This feels true to me and what I have understood within myself as well as many other women I have known.

I guess it all depends on our ability to truly be aware of the different roles, both men and women do play in society and to work collectively to bring balance to both counterparts, with mutual respect.  Then we may form an understanding of the connection further as one people and one beautiful yet diverse collection we do make together.

Baring with me now, as this is very difficult to write in order to understand what it is that was shown to me.  However, I will do my best to clearly reiterate that I come from a neutral point of complete allowance in order to convey my own understanding.

Secondly, I began to contemplate further what exactly makes men and women different in any sense.  And but of course, this is coming from a neutral zone of just witnessing what this may be.  I was directed by myself to look deeper at the course of our body structures, our genetic makeup and our unique capabilities.  Feeling into the relevant slight difference, I happened to perceive the slight change in difference in our pathways on an ever so hidden chamber of dna encoding.  From the time of chromosomes in the womb, females may carry an extra line of the way that is directed from the mind, feelings and body.  The creation of life force energy is present within a woman in a different way to a man in a slight change of frequency.  This is present due to a woman’s womb space and what is required to sustain the extra life force energy to birth a human into this world.

These contemplative thoughts are based on both my own experiences and have also come from deeper within my inner knowing, as well as the higher self that can bring us greater awareness too.

I believe in the loving ability for all humanity to work consciously both individually and then collectively to restore greater equilibrium to all societies across the globe.  Whether we see this in our lifetime or not, this need not matter, the important part is each one of us doing our utmost to learn, grow, heal and continually expand our own awareness through the power we hold in our hearts.

With Love,

Sariah Sistar


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