Gathering interactions for knowledge of understandings of the way we relate to one another is allowing the witnessing effect to furthermore see the impact of ownership over others.  To view the impact of ownership you may see in yourself what you have encountered by others restricting you or what you may be holding onto.  Maybe unintentionally inflicting onto others in your life.  This once again can be through patterning or just lack of understanding, so this is to just step aside and relate to if willed.  Whatever you may see, it is through understanding of the limit around misconceptions towards further freedom of expression of your own self growth.

Friendships are built through relating and connecting to one another through mutual understandings and joy in sharing of life’s experiences.  The moment a person believes in the confound of restricting a person through believing in ownership and total control over another person is when joy can turn to despair.  Looking further inside the understanding, that to try to own another, whether a husband, wife, friend or even children, is when restriction of their own uniqueness is inhibited.  And this can be touching on what the person may be feeling inside of themselves, as is often the case.

Claiming ownership to how a friendship became, and then if another person is introduced to the established relationship then the original instigator may feel threatened with the new person coming in.  They may say something like, ‘how can you be friends with this new person as much as me?’ Or ‘You have forgotten me as you have just as much relating with another!’  Indirectly this person may be experiencing a ‘less than’ or uncomfortable emotion of a claim to another person from the original friendship.  These can be unjust comments and hurt that can be projected at another.  Some may re-assess and see this for where it may stem inside or others may not be aware at all.  The ego aspect can be controlling of the friend in order to continue fulfilling itself with the stake of claim of the other person.

Often times, we may bear witness to societal conditioning further of the beliefs of ownership of others.  ‘That is mine, they belong to me, you can’t have that interaction’ etc.  It is through discomfort in having no control over what a persons individual choices are and how they decide to express their own uniqueness.

When a person has a lack of self acceptance they may unconsciously claim a person as their own.  Of course, this is not always the case but to refer to this blog, it can generally be from this point of focus.

When a person is fulfilled within, they may lovingly witnessing new interactions weaving through mutual trust and be completely comfortable with individuals evolving at their own free will.

A very complex aspect is to become aware of the impact that ownership may have played out in your own life.  Expectations and conditions are placed around many a person when another is displaying discomfort or anger.  Mass conditioning has influenced this type of pattern of behaviour.

Onto another side of this blog, is when a person may have witnessed their own parents attempt to mould a child and suppress their own uniqueness.  In understanding the gift of unconditional love is so often displayed through parenting if consciously seen.  Once viewed a person will no longer try to condition a child to become like them, do what they do or even believe what they do.  Giving children their own wings to expand whilst walking gently beside them guiding with the heart is establishing an intimate relationship of respect and seeing that ownership does not exist in this either.

Just as you may be exploring your own sense of self, your life and expanding your own awareness at your own free will, you may then see the beauty of sovereignty of each individual through complete allowance of others to naturally live as they choose to.

Unconditional love holds no bounds or claims to another.

With Love,

Sariah Sistar

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