Letting go of anything that is weighing against you

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IN truly feeling if you are heavy, overwhelmed, holding onto many mixed emotions or in any form of unwanted thoughts, feelings or you justt feel you sense that its time to let go.

Letting go has been overly impacted with words or ways that are difficult or by branching out to be a certain way or overly complex concept.  Just to let go means exactly that.  To let go.  Without needing to know how or why, just feel what those three words feel like to you.  How do they sense in your own heart.  To let go.

If you can imagine that in another time you knew more so of what you could do for yourself here in this lifetime.  There is an incredible spark of you that you may sense, many have during childhood especially.  In this remembrance, we are reminded of this spark that is becoming consciously remembered through our hearts.  In these times of what we are proceeding to become and embrace, we are remembering the spark as never before.  

There is a lot more to say on that note, however that is just the tip of our remembrance of our spark that is calling back to us to ignite it and use it for the highest service for ourselves and this time.  To impact further on this blog, is where we meet the spark of remembrance in knowing how to let go.  To once again, step out of your own way in just being in your thoughts or feelings that are overwhelming.  To again embrace your natural wise one inside your heart. The spark in you knows how to let go, how to clean up the debris of any unwanted processes of situations and left over thoughts of other people.  And by this, I am referring to just clearing and cleaning up the space inside you to move a little freer, a little brighter, a little lighter as you continue on with your day/life.  As you do this and listen intently to what you need and what you can just state to yourself that you release it and just let it go.  The spark or wise one inside, will assist you to do as you please.  This part is naturally and obviously you however, it is the wonder of you that will do as you will it to be.

There is more to say on covering all parts of letting go.  The initial attempt is in the remembrance of who you are and the spark inside you that will assist you as you state it clearly to be the case.  There is also a way to ignite your bodily response towards letting go also.  The body can at times feel heavy too, if it is not noticed to be holding onto overwhelm or non active release.  Is there a time when you have felt a sense of heaviness within your body, not just the presence of your weight, the deeper feeling of holding onto a sensation of too much stress or unnoticed situations that may have been lodged in the body.  This is deeper too in relation to the energy centres of the body.  Yet, the intelligence of your body can release too, if you will it to be.  And by this, you can try just to be present to the sensation of the body and the intent to refocus back into your response towards it.  Just stepping aside again and either consciously taking a breath, stretching, noticing and then using motion to release, stating to yourself that is what you are doing.  This ignites the spark again to assist with supporting you in doing as you will.

The doing as you will is all a part of the free will, the divine remembrance of the wise one inside of you, that you are and what you will to be is set as you do, say, feel, think.  So during the processes of orinarily commonality of living a life with many distractions, interaction and emotions, just to pause for yourself to take a moment to feel into yourself is the best gauging of your abilities to increase and rise into supporting yourself to become freer, more lighter and then more peaceful.

The more you take that moment, the more it becomes the more it grows the more you state what you wish to do.  There is no defined timing or even amount of doing this that will you will ever need to expect anything.  It is just in taking that moment, doing it and learning your own sense of how you feel before, after and during.  You will be shown your extraordinary become your ordinary in some effect that naturally comes when you decide to let go.  Your space inside you is yours and that spark is your greatest wise one that will assist with your desires and will of what you say it to be. 

Sit with that, sit with the knowledge of what you know.  Do you recall the child that had this knowledge of the sensation of the wise one, can you recall the remembrance of an initial slight intuitive knowing that you have always known within your heart?

It’s your time to connect to this one of you, and use it for what you will.

Love’s Blessings,

Sariah Sistar

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