Moving forward in the direction of what you feel is best for you can be scary right?  But as you keep taking baby steps or take a huge step towards freeing up your life to create and design what is best for you, you will feel a huge relief.  Like something has been released and the weight of life’s challenges have been lifted off you.

Each time you try something new, feel the fear of the new direction, the hesitation, the worry and then move forward anyway, will build your confidence, your resilience and your support system within your capabilities.

When you are comfortable and safe with what you know, you become complacent.  And this is where stagnation can come into play.  You may feel somehow stuck or in a holding pattern, even feel like the lack of your own worth is not enough to move you forward.

What have you always wished you could do?  Have a good think and be true to yourself, as this is the Key, be completely true with what you have denied within you.  Has it been a relationship that has not been working for some time and you see you are beating your head up against a brick wall?  Is it time to step into the unknown, yet, remember this can be also the choice between honouring yourself and freeing up the space for your life to take on a newer more freer way for you to live or continue feeling as you may right now.  Believe you can do this, whatever this may be for you.  Situations are so varied with many relationship roles and circumstances, that only You can pinpoint where and how you need to go!

Remember, you are the creator of your life, your the script, the writer, and your one inspirer.  You have the choice within you to head towards your dreams, your sense of self worth, your true self and your whole essence can be transformed as you start or continue to pave your own way towards living from a focal point of greatest of Freedom.

What is your heart calling you to do?  Feel into your senses, and move with your inner guidance, if you are Ready to embark on the greatest of adventures to become the truest version of Yourself.  Life will always and forever support you, when you are working towards being honest with yourself.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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