Life’s learning experiences will most certainly at some stage place you in a situation or a couple of situations, where you will be moved to either stand strong in your resolve in taking a righteous stance or give over to the majority of others awaiting your weakness or for you to st least stand with them.

Taking a further approach towards living in alignment with yourself and from the deeper part of you, takes persistence and dedication. Although, this is not completely done in the ‘mind’ or with any expectations for an outcome. You are just being freed up as you encounter life’s learnings to truly do what feels right to you.

Many times you may face situations placed before you, that may feel like another ‘set back’ or challenging situation, however, this is just another lesson through learning for you to ‘show up’ for yourself. It will display itself for you to show how revived you are in your Truth, how solid an approach you are taking and how much support you are giving to your growth.

This is never an easy feat, however it is certainly placed before you to align further with your inner knowing, your righteous way and to lead yourself towards greater freedom in acceptance of yourself. You will find that as you continue with your approach, you will become more certain with your choices, more confident in your capabilities and more trusting of your inner guidance.

If you have been journeying your days with taking a stronger approach to living from your heart, and then you are thrown another ‘curve ball’, you may feel like you can take no more, although, you may also see that this is what will make you stronger. You may also sense that you are experiencing an acceleration of expansion in self growth. Most certainly now, you may support yourself, encourage and continue to believe in you.

There may be situations where you will be confronted with more times of choice to either resolve and expand in your righteous way for you or shrink and falter in your approach.  I say that you are certainly strong enough to endeavour whatever you witness for your higher growth.  I see many times, that we, as a collective humanity, have been dis-empowered, by no fault of one person, organisation or any other agenda, other that, this is the separation from the power with inside of us to find the strength within.

You may be shown through interactions and presenting of circumstance that will compel you to either place yourself in alignment with your inner knowing or be subject to succumbing to a majority of others behaviours around you, in order to ‘fit in’.

Let’s say, that you are presented with a situation that may be extremely challenging, maybe you feel the need to stand up and take a stance in the workplace or your home environment.  Maybe you are confronted with not one other person standing with you as you expose the truth of abuse in a nursing home that you work in, or make a choice that leaves everyone else around you, sniggering, gossiping and dismissing you with laugher and ridicule.  However, you truly feel that you are standing strong in alignment with what feels right to you and you feel you cannot in your heart go against this way for you, then you can be assured that this is a challenge to strengthen your resolve.  Yes, it may be experienced as what can feel like being a complete outcast from the majority, and you may remember now too that you can relate and understand how the opinions of others are generally accepted and needed by the majority of others.  There is no need to fight or be angered by the response of others, as you can relate to the conditioning and temptation they feel to stay together in what can feel as a safety net in comfortability,  but not in alignment with themselves.   It is not your business to be concerned about how they behave, all you can do is action your own behaviour to align with your own hearts knowing.  Just to understand that you are standing in great certainty of what you sense as right for you is yours to hold and no one else’s.  You are your own creator, the script and the writer of your own life.  Stay strong in your approach and feel through the situations placed before you, continuing on to stay aligned with YOUR inner knowing.

This is another choice of accepting that you know the direction in your life for yourself.  Choices, choices, choices, will always remain open to you as you embark, embrace and allow life to move you towards self acceptance.  Recall, if you wish and if you have experienced previously, how you have felt as you have allowed yourself to be drawn to a certain experience that has made you feel free, made you feel more powerful and the biggest key, what has connected you to your Truth.  Have you stood in your Truth, sensed your truth or felt inspired to change direction based on your inner knowing?  A time that you may have glimpsed and witnessed a pause in your inner alignment that has drawn you to take a chance?  Anything that you can gauge from your own unique experiences, that comforts you and reminds you to stand strong in your approach to align further with your inner knowing, can be used to and as your best device.  Remember it and allow yourself to be guided by Your senses.

Encouraging your heart with words or strength in assuirty may assist greatly.  Continuing to be your own best friend and praise the work you have already completed for yourself.  This is a continual shedding as well as building blocks of establishing a solid foundation inside of you.

Be free, be you

Sariah Sistar

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