Joy is the expression that comes from the Soul that lives in the physicality of Earth’s existence. The innocence of a childlike happiness is blossomed from deep inside through allowance of your full expression to shine through.

Life’s learnings through many challenges can be easily forgotten of what if felt like as a child, which we all have been, to be in the moment of carefree abandon. Young children have not yet learnt society’s conditioning as to restricting any emotional enjoyment or even the moment of whatever it is that they may be feeling. However, this blog is focused on discussing joy. Just to touch on this briefly though is to say, that young children are completely IN each moment, never focused on future or past, just fully embracing the present with their Full Presence.

To connect deeper into your inner you, you may take the hand of the child inside of you. The little you and bring them to the present moment with you, to move through your day with joy. When you smile, you feel the sense of lightness in your Being, you smile with a sense of Wonder at your life’s journey and what you are learning becomes easier, less heavy or difficult. Even if it is for that moment, that you allow yourself to bask in your inner glow. Recall the child you were, no need to see the challenges that you may have at this time or during childhood, rather just view your memories of how your child feels inside, how much you loved to experience and excite your senses.

Did you have a favourite place you loved to go? Like myself, did you feel the wonder of nature and enjoy exploring trees, birds, flowers, plants? Did you love to run through piles of leaves or look at the moon following you home on a drive with your parents? Even if you had a rough childhood and maybe experienced some form of abuse or neglect, remember the times that you did smile, you did enjoy, you did allow yourself to dance to the beat of life in your carefree way!

Maybe just tapping into this part of you now, you realise that Yes..this still is a lovely part of yourself that is still there, that does wish to be expressed and can most certainly be acknowledged and placed at the forefront of your life whenever you wish. You may realise that you DO in fact deserve to let loose occasionally, be silly, lighthearted and liberated from the pressures of any of life’s challenges.

Joy is natural to each human, we have been born as a joyous expressive Being. Some may say, ‘oh yes but I must do this, or that’ or ‘well and good for some as I had a terrible childhood and can’t recall any joy’. Every person has felt in some form or another the elixir of laugher, the sheer moment when in the present state of giggles and joy. The best way is to take a pause and relax into your body to allow the mind to become quiet and truly connect or even reconnect to the little one inside.

Maybe you are waking up and starting to realise that societal conditioning has impacted on a common belief system about why we shouldn’t be joyous. It could be guilt that some may feel rise if they spend more time in this state rather than worry about mundane issues in daily life or a common belief is that adults don’t act too joyous as they are too busy working through the serious things in life.

Having a good look at any belief systems and how they may be shaped, can give many clues as to gauge a deeper understanding within yourself. Maybe you can see that adults in your childhood and parents have fuelled the belief too, however, with compassion and further understanding, many are realising that these adults were often times not consciously aware of this limitation within themselves too.

What can be altered is the way you choose to recreate this belief. How much do you wish to smile with your little child inside and how good it truly feels to allow joy to blossom in your heart once again.

With joy,

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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