And just as a rock placed in the path of a stream, life too cannot run free through you when unresolved emotions block the free flow.  Sure life will find a way to continue to flow around rocks and debris, however to allow the full free flow is to look further within to allow yourself to Fully embrace in the wonder of life’s flow.

You may look at your inner stream, which can be viewed as a visual tool, as your life force energetic system, to offer you further assistance to take a deeper inner view of you.

Have a look if you can see pebbles or debris, that may be raised to block the flow, maybe even a couple of boulders, depending on you and your own inner journey of life, what you have encountered, experienced and taken into inner view.  However, just to know now that you truly have the power within you to remove what no longer is required there in order to allow further free flow in your life.

Once an emotion or conditioning is highlighted and acknowledged, life force energy will run freely over the pebbles~ this is part of the human experience to have these learnings and once the water can freely run over them, you will have a beautiful stream of life’s learnings to truly view.

Even the heaviest of boulders can be moved with your inner strength, if it is raised to block the flow.  Your capabilities too to release unwanted debris so the allowance is further there for you to receive the universal waterfall to shower you in abundance of life’s gifts.

As you see what you may have blocking in your path, you may choose which pebbles or individual items can be released at your own will.  Just by you highlighting them for yourself and to honestly ‘see’ what emotions, thoughts or limitations you have stored in your inner stream, can be liberating in itself.  For these may have been buried for a long time, restricting your growth or maybe further disabling your vision to create your life the way you wish.

Remembering now that no-one else has EVER had access to your stream, you can take comfort in the responsibility for the creation of this view and now is also a good time, to know that you may not have been consciously aware of the choices as well as the POWER that you have to direct your view of you.

By taking the plunge inside yourself into the depth of your own stream gives you a better wider view.  A more conscious, honest approach towards clearing, sorting and releasing conditioning, emotional wounds and out-worn thought patterns too.

Jump on in, or place your foot at the edge, having a view at your inner stream.  And know now, that just by your sense of tracking to find your stream, what a courageous act of self-love you have taken.

Praise yourself, give a smile within and take care of your treasure that is your own greatest hero.  You are moving in the direction of igniting your power centre to charge up further to shine a loving light on what no longer serves you.

Life only wishes to flow through you!

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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