What is it to truly believe in yourself?

As you embark on the inner journey, you may encounter the opposition of yourself that may have believed in layers of conditioning that may have taken your divine power away from yourself.  Your self worth may be lower than you have seen before, there may even be a slight resentment from yourself as you become more honest with yourself.  Once you may have tried to convince yourself that you are more confident than what you truly are inside yourself.  Maybe you have added a further layer of protection around you to portray that you have your ‘shit’ together, that you have created an image to others that represents you as someone that is strong and confident.  But deep down you ‘know’ that when you get home and its just ‘you’, that the masks come off and you can ‘see’ that you have been lying to yourself.  You may feel that your world is falling apart and you are not being honest with yourself.  When you accept this honesty and no longer hide from yourself, but rather acknowledge and care about you, then you can find true inner strength that will eventually be expressed to the world around you.  Your relationship with yourself is truly the greatest union that you can ever have, when you become your own best friend, you start to accept and truly see what aligns with you and what doesn’t.  When you treat yourself well and build a solid support system inside then you will begin to honestly believe in yourself.

Trying to be strong, confident and self assured in front of others, can lead to wearing further layers of cover up of your authenticity.  You may be seeking to fulfil the unexpressed part of yourself that craves approval or doubts oneself.  Take care, that you are not trying to shove this away and not truly look at this now.  If you feel this may be you, then be strong now to really take a good view.  This may even assist you to become more honest with yourself, more able to release beliefs that you have shaped your worthiness to be and stand truly stronger and more in alignment to the light within.

Getting Real with yourself will continue the process for you to start believing further in your capabilities, inner guidance and take the honest approach to see through the conditioning that you have allowed to be placed on top of your authentic self.  Go easy now, as it takes compassion and love for you to use now with yourself as you continue to quietly take your own hand and believe in the power within you to transform what once was suppressed to glow and expand.  To direct your life the way you choose.

What an incredible time to explore the wonder inside of you, the magic that you have kept in your heart and awaken your greatest hero inside of your heart to guide you towards higher ground, toward a more liberated way of living life, with Belief in Yourself.

Soldier On to sing your own song!

Love’s Blessings


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