Barriers, barbs, walls, even moats are built around ourselves to protect, keep out and lock your Truth away.  You may have buried so deep that you no longer can see who you are and what your worthiness may be.  Do not be concerned, just listen to your truth and how it feels for you.

Hurt is kept there too.

Building inner structures through hurt and painful experiences does not only keep others out but also locks away the inner you.  This can feel like a painful process to begin to see, although remember too, that what you sense as the truth inside of you can assist greatly towards releasing, allowing and healing on all levels.

Are you ready to start loosening the foundations in preparation to remove these structures all together?  If so, the assistance you can offer yourself is so liberating as you free yourself from the shackles, ties and illusions that may have blocked your view and natural flow of life.  In order for you to confront these barriers, you must be prepared to be honest with yourself and breathe through the heart space with compassion and further understanding with yourself.  Offering yourself your loving hand in understanding and guidance of what you may have never known before, what you have needed to see and what experiences you have been through that may have built this structure.

This form of compassion builds trust inside of you to feel ‘safe’ enough to reveal your true self from behind any barriers that have been created subconsciously by  you through experiences.  For when we are honest with ourselves in acknowledgment, we are in a much stronger position to trust that inner guidance system.  It is often the child inside that has built these walls and blockages in response to not being hurt again.  If you are an adult now and have the ability to ‘hold’ that version of yourself and maybe even say some words of comfort towards yourself.  For example, ‘I am going to take care of you now, I will not allow you to be hurt again’, and most importantly, ‘I will never hurt you again’.  Can you sense the powerful impact that this can have on the inner sense of yourself?  Are you able to gauge the thoughts and emotions that have impacted on the view of your true self and maybe even had further impact due to feelings of unworthiness, neglect or abandonment.  Whatever it is for you, know that you are not alone. And the positive note is, that truly acknowledging this, is the step forward to embrace yourself as never before.

There is another angle now that you can approach that can assist greatly in a simple yet profound way to at least take care of this inner you.  Obviously, you may have heard the chatter of your mind, the programs or repetitions going on with any form of doubts or despair.  What else is your mind truly saying?  Can you see or hear another way that can lift yourself up in encouragement and support of yourself.  Maybe you feel it is time to claim back your power and assist yourself ever so gently in offering your loving approach for yourself to comfort what may feel as ‘brokenness’ inside.  Although, it may feel this way at times and may at times make you want to run or hide, it is only through your sense of self worth that you may establish what once felt broken to truly see on a deeper level that you are perfect just as you are. It is only through experiences that you have encountered that have impacted on your sense of yourself.

Holding yourself in comfort by visualising or physically or any other way that feels good to you, can assist greatly to free up some barriers around the truest version of you. If you feel inclined to allow any feelings to surface, it is okay to cry gentle tears as you acknowledge this to yourself. Tears may have been blocked, suppressed or even conditioned that this is seen as weak or less than. However, tears flowing in release is a great gift to your heart. And as it has been stated before, ‘tears are a strength and can be shown as undeniable love’. Your words that you speak to yourself can be changed now with a more positive approach, even if you may not feel like it, you may start with any form of praise, kindness and comfort. Maybe as simple as, “I am doing the best I can” or affirmations such as, “I am perfect, whole and complete”. Remembering that it’s using your inner guidance and what truly feels right for and to you, in the words you use for yourself. Making the dialogue up for yourself is the most powerful way, as you can feel into your own bodies response to the words you speak. You are the best gauge to assist yourself always.

Go easy on yourself, be kind to you, give yourself that break and allow yourself to reveal the truth for YOU.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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