Remember loneliness feels like you are different, isolated and as if something is wrong with you. Is it not that you are a unique gift to life itself? Your unique expression of your individuality gifts us all through your special offering that only you can give.

There is no need to compare yourself or feel that others do not understand you. Be further liberated to allow yourself to play with your delicate qualities that you can offer yourself and others. Remembering that many people have felt this too.

As you step into the core version of yourself, it is common to no longer vibe with the same people, places and experiences. You may feel different from others and see things from another perspective and this may feel unusual at first. You may experience this many times over as you no longer need to fit into others box like opinions of you and what truly matters to you is just to be yourself. Recall that this is not uncommon on the path towards greater expansion and that your higher vibrational self sees that you are never truly alone. However, acknowledging your feelings of the space of what may feel as loneliness as this is good for your heart. You may hold yourself if you wish and understood further that this feeling of isolation or difference from others, only sets you apart as you travel your own unique journey just as your family and friends have their own journeys too.

During the experiences of what feels like loneliness, when others may not be able to relate to you, or you no longer vibe with them, you are truly spending that time building that relationship with yourself and this is most rewarding as you are finding more about you, more about your inner world and stabilising that unity with yourself. There may be times when you feel drawn to connect further with others and many times when you may see that this is futile to the understanding of what they have within themselves. And you know that this does not sit well for you to interact for the sake of just interacting. If you feel small talk does nothing for you then you can be assured that this can be easily dismissed and limited to the amount of time you choose to place yourself in these situations. On another note, you may find that by chance there are moments of interacting with people that change the talk to much deeper discussions and this can be at times felt through an immediate sensation like you have met them before an$ conversing in this way is a beautiful experience. Although once again, these people may be just glimpses of moments on our pathway and theirs or stay for a while in our lives. This need not matter as it is what it is and lessons can always be learnt from each interaction from both counterparts of every meeting.

Further along, you will truly see the greatest of blessings when you live your life from your authentic self and will know without a doubt you are never alone. Embracing your complete worth and never feel lonely again. Although, there may be some longing to connect with others on the deeper level of relating to what you have found within yourself, however, you may be also content to just be with yourself in the understanding and awareness, that you are enough just as you are.

The journey is in the intimacy within yourself that you are having with the unity that you are, with the knowledge that you hold and the deeper self awareness that you are then able to interpret to understand others on a whole new level. Travelling the lone path is the one that will always give us more freedom, more clarity and more acceptance of self than all the noisy chatter that others will ever do.

Journey Well

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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