Many times, people believe that being true to themselves involves some sort of self defence mechanism to be activated in order to defend oneself.  In fact, this is just the complete opposite in what you may have been attempting to do.  If you truly feel into it, you will see that it hasn’t ever sat well for you or aligned with your heart when you feel the need to be defensive towards others when you are at the same time trying to be strong enough to be transparent to how you are feeling.  Have you lost your temper?  Or felt less than the other as you have fought to defend yourself?  This only causes more anxiety of mixed uncertainty towards your true self.

It has been conditioned to further have to protect yourself when standing up for what you believe in and what you may be trying to change in your life.  And this also touches on, the need to justify yourself, which I will discuss further in another blog.  But just to touch on this for a brief moment, when you justify yourself you are indirectly saying to yourself that you do not believe in you, your capabilities and this also connects to self worth.  There is no need to bother with explanations as to what you feel the best way forward is for yourself.  You are always enough, just as you are, always have been and you will see, that you always will be.

To get back on topic, when you are defending yourself you are fighting and this is coming from emotions of uncertainty, confusion and repetition of anger that you are explaining yourself.   You can now take a different approach, and directly acknowledge this patterning and formulate a newer way.  Through compassion, we are able to gauge how another is feeling, whether it is obvious as seeing the emotion, or as discreet as you seeing deeper within your own heart and realising that their questioning of your right to stand up for yourself or be free to speak your mind, has been conditioned on them too.  That you may just be becoming more aware within yourself to take another path and see through your heart as you reveal over and over your true self.  As you explore through removing layers of unwanted beliefs, ideals, concepts you will start to discover your fuller potential as you become more convicted in being your true self.

And guess what, the interesting thing and beautiful experience, is you may be directly or indirectly giving the other person the freedom to try it for themselves.  But remember, if they are not wishing to see this reflection, then they may not be ready and that is okay.  That is never your intent anyway.  All you have in your heart, is to break free to be yourself, your true self, in your strength, dignity, perseverance and compassion.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar


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