When an emotion of fear presents itself, listen closely at that moment as you are closer to another angle, another sign of living against your truth and at that moment you are also touching your greatest gift.

The natural essence of each person is to live freely in full expression of life’s unfolding. Never requiring to force, block or disable what is presented on your path. Fear, when surfaced in the mind (and this is a big highlighter – in the mind), may be caused when you are wishing to make changes in your life, looking further at your truth or whenever this emotion rises for you. Fear is a vital indicator to highlight what you have been attempting to suppress, hide and not look at in your life. It is also for your highest growth to transform what once disabled you to build a stronger foundation in oneself.

Can you see that with a gentle nudge from yourself, you may glimpse this emotion without it destroying you. That you can, in fact face it and acknowledge and find a deeper understanding with the view of this ‘goings on’ inside of you. If you can, that is truly wonderful as this means you are closer to YOUR truth!

Now with this understanding and acknowledgement, you can work towards facing it and further freeing up the space inside yourself to transform and Truly grow in knowledge of self. When fear presents, take note, place your emotions aside for just that moment (not blocking the emotion, rather using your higher intelligence) and bear witness to what you are being shown for your highest good and growth. Pause if you must and just allow the truth to reveal itself. You will be in a stronger position to get that ‘ah ha’ moment as you just witness the workings going on inside of you without judging or analysing, just allowing it to surface freely without the interruption of your judgement on yourself.

Being kind to yourself at this stage is the greatest gift to your heart. Using your compassion as you see the fear rise without the constant blocks and suppression, and truly using your heart to see that you are allowed to have this present itself. Many times in societal conditioning, your experiences and hardships, have created this fear. Give yourself that break to understand yourself further and the way that fear has been conditioned, shaped and enabled in you, even disabled you to move forward past barriers and blocks.

Remembering now that you also have the key now to understand yourself on a deeper level in order to align further with YOUR truth.

Fear creates courage, for you to truly understand this concept is to feel and move through this emotion in order to witness your courage through your heart, to take a stronger, clearer focal point in your life. Fear will eventually disappear as you place yourself in your heart, as a choice for you to indicate how much you have grown and understood about you, your emotions and your courage. This all comes with experiencing this process as an individual with life lessons and learnings. However, I will say, that as you ‘show up’ with yourself in honesty, you also inevitably building a stronger foundation in relationship with the one you are. You are building the trust, respect and a solid self-love foundation.

In order to truly understand the concept of Fear, one must experience it time and time again to use it as the greatest transformer with inside of yourself. To acknowledge its existence, liberate it and allow it to grow with courage as its friend.

Pause, bear witness, allow, take note of higher self guidance through this and what is felt as the emotion of fear, using your heart with compassion for yourself and transforming what once was suppressed to be revealed in the light for you..

Be Brave, Be Free, Shine your honesty with yourself

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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