Are other people’s opinions confusing you?

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Do thoughts of what others think about you, about what you are doing in your life or what they wish you to be concern you?

Societal conditioning as well as our upbringings have led us to be concerned about what image is acceptable to the norms of our communities and what people think of us in a general sense.  We seek to fit in and be approved for what we have been shaped in our worthiness to be.

Everyone wants approval right?  Well if you do not approve of yourself than you cannot live in alignment with your true self, your true nature and you will always be concerned about what others opinions are about you.  When you go against your own flow of inner knowing, this is what creates a painful experience and existence.  Are you following the advice of others with the way you live your life, the choices you make for you and what it is that you with to do.  Do you go out of your way to discuss with others to fulfil your needs, wants and guidance?  When you are continually asking for opinions, you are indirectly saying to yourself, that you do not believe in you, that you do not feel complete in yourself to find your own way.  You are handing your power over to be at the beck and call of another’s way and not being true to yourself.

And now is the time, to hear this, acknowledge it and move forward to take another way, that does not sit well for you, that changes the perception about yourself and increases your self worth.  If you have been asking for advise and some people generally do this on a continual basis, then you can start to feel into what you truly wish to do with your life, what answers do YOU have for yourself.  Think about the times in your life, when you have wanted to do something and asked someone else what they ‘think’ you should do?  Often times, if you are honest with yourself, you already had the answer inside of you before you approached the other person, you may have just craved the acceptance that what you are deciding is approved by another person.

Remember that each person has their own unique ideas, beliefs and concepts as to how they too have been shaped by others, and this is where you may find that you have been going around in circles, chasing patterns of conditioning and limitations.

Believing in yourself and your ability to make firm, capable choices and decisions based on your own inner guidance and knowledge, builds a solid foundation to establish your advise as the best way forward for you.

Pausing the next time that you fall back into the ‘need’ to talk about your life and feelings about what you are doing, is the best way to consciously ‘see’ that you are feeling less capable of aligning with what you most times, already know what you wish for yourself.

Set yourself free to start living your life without the approval of others.  Start heading towards using your own expert advise.  You are truly the only one that goes to sleep with your head and heart at night.  You are the one that you are seeking, the expert of your own inner guidance will place you in a strong position to truly living your life from your authentic self.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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