Living against your truth will always be painful

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Life will always be painful when you are going against yourself and what the core of you wishes.  Whether that is a relationship that you have dived into that you haven’t been honest with yourself about.  Is it that you are clinging to another person to fulfil your unsatisfied needs? or did you begin this relationship when you were in a vulnerable position in life? And you have felt the need for a long time to let it go.

So many situations that you can be placed in, in your life that may go against what you truly feel and know.  If you really have a good look and can truly be honest with yourself, I am sure that you will find areas of your life that do not sit well for you.  Maybe its a job that you are in at the moment that you question time and time again, “What am I doing here?” “Why am I putting up with being spoken to or treated poorly?”

What about family relations that you may have that need to change in a big way.  Is it time for you to step up and be more assertive with your parents, siblings or friends.  do you know you  need to change the conditions that have been placed on you to behave a certain way to make others feel comfortable with you.

What have you been suppressing or hiding from yourself is the question to See what your inner guidance is truly showing you.  You may glimpse a sense of Peace as you gauge your truth even if it is for that moment.  This is a sure sign of what you feel is true for you.

This does not mean that you will not feel a little hesitant, maybe even anxious with what you have discovered and uncovered from your true stance with yourself.  However, with consistency, courage and now a devotion to your truth, you can begin to release, heal and move in the direction of leading your life based on aligning with your true self.

You are the creator of your life, you are the script and the writer.  Is it time now to take that leap in transforming your life or if you have been brave enough to do this, this may be your reminder of support to continue on to keep walking your truth.

Remember though, that just changing the external view of your life will not alter the inner view.  Acknowledging the inner layers of you, you then align naturally with your outer world view.  A natural transition of a consistent approach to allow the flow from the Inside Out.

It is only as you are exploring further inside of yourself, that you can glimpse what feels right to you, for you and this is where the POWER lays to truly transform to align with You.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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