When you initiate the contact to your inner guidance system, you begin to build a trust of support within you. In doing so and allowing yourself to ‘use’ the inner radar, you are consulting your truth.  By gauging how you feel when making decisions and basing this on what YOU believe to be right for you, you begin to depend on the one that may begin to never let you down:)  Which is obviously, your choice too. In seeing that building the sense of inner knowing is to drawn forth from the well of your own knowledge that lays within your honesty with yourself.

​Taking a step aside before seeking outside advise from others and pausing to just try to relate further to your own inner knowing, you may just show yourself more direction than what you have ever seen before.  If others opinions and advise are confusing to you and overwhelming, you could have unconsciously set this up by having to continually refer to others and obviously this stems from their approval too.  But in relation to taking that pause, and just allowing yourself to sense what feels right, which is often underneath the layer of thoughts of what others would do, think of you and all the other dribble that can be whirling in the mind. Listen deeper as you hear another way, another softer voice that you may catch as a glimpse of inner peace at to how you feel with this advise. The temptation can be there to act in the same way as you try something new, but no matter what, you can see it through to pause, reflect before doing the norm.

​As you take that initial response of peaceful direction and make that choice, you are establishing that trust in you, to make further decisions without needing to consult others as much any longer. Your strength through your capabilities will continue to grow too and many other wonderful expressions of your own guidance will ‘kick in’ to perform as the cogs are being well oiled with your use of your own inner guide.  The more you use it, the more you will increase this inner device:)


​Sariah Sistar

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