Emotions are judged so intricately in society that blocking them becomes the norm and done so in order to fit in and to feel apart of what everyone else is doing. Have you looked around yourself and believed that everyone else has their shit together, everyone else seems to fit in okay but you feel different somehow. As you become truer to yourself, you find that the many questions you have been carrying in your belief systems, become revealed and you may be left feeling completely different from others. Maybe your whole life you have felt this sense of inner knowing that somehow you are going against yourself and you can see that this has affected your individuality and sense of self worth.

Having emotions is a human experience of feeling, sensing, allowing and expressing. Conditions have limited the ability to share your truth and honesty with yourself and others. In following the norm, the status quo, you may find that you feel blocked, snuffed down, shut down and further impacted with not being authentic. Allowing yourself to show your heart, your truth and raw emotion, you transmute the effect it is holding in you and over your ability to truly move forward. Becoming free with the space you are creating by releasing the emotion of whatever it is for you, you are redirecting your life to focus in on your alignment towards your truth.

Are you a person that has that deeper understanding of witnessing the impact on others of what blocking their true emotion/feelings are having on their sense of self esteem. Can you see when people are lying to you and of course then, indirectly towards themselves. If you can see this and feel that opposite effect of dishonesty towards their individuality, you may find another understanding and relating that you too can have with this. In suppressing, blocking and hiding the true essence of a feeling, this creates a disturbance within and shows up as a fabrication to the way a person represents themselves.

Finding the pathway to share your emotions is often times not required to be this way with others just yet, if you feel this is too much for you to bare, just being honest with yourself is enough to start with the outward expression to take effect. When you allow your thoughts to go back into your past and feel the uncomfortable sense of witnessing the effect of this discomfort, you can look at it with interest too, kind of like you are revealing the expression, but no longer allowing it to consume you. Rather you are viewing the experience for just that, an experience. We all have them. Remember we are not as different as what once was thought. We all feel, sense, relate and feel the impact of life’s learnings. Why are you any different? If anything, you are stronger to be honest by allowing your true emotion to be felt. And when I mean a true emotion, this is not what another expects you to have or furthermore a dishonest emotion as to what you feel is accepted by a majority. For if you are only being what others relate to then you are not doing this for yourself, your honesty towards you, you are expressing to fit in, to be seen as a majority, not being just ‘you’ and whatever is arising in you.

You may see further that many are now trying to be authentic by showing others how they are feeling, as a collective acceptance. “hey, let’s be real to ourselves, lets hate the system, let’s be strong and so on” This is not in line with your truth if you or others are behaving in a way that is still and that is the big kicker, ‘still’ wishing to be accepted in order to fit in or to have followers or others giving you the acceptance you crave from yourself.  Rather this is another disservice towards your true self-expression. In quiet contemplation, you may silently, gently and comfortably show up for yourself and walk close to your truth. This is the true version of seeking your honesty and building that strength within.

The sheltering of emotions is common place in a society that is built on suppressing, never completely feeling an emotion of what takes place in the moment and then carrying it around as a hidden blockage, wound or something that gives it power to have it further wished to be shut off. When allowing the emotion of what is felt in the moment, you are then flowing with life, with the expression of your naturality. People have been treated as though there is something unusual, different and unworthy about themselves if they feel their honest emotion. Sure, you are going to feel different yet free and this is where the emotional traction of moving forward is revealed.

Who’s got their shit together? Many times, you may compare yourself to others that are covering up their own true emotions and yet you may think that they have it all together and then judge yourself to be broken if you feel your sensitivities. Feeling your emotions is your strength and furthermore your unique expression as a human being real and true to yourself..

A little writing from the heart:
“We have come here to Feel, to express ourselves
to allow emotions to rise, to experience relations,
to enhance our uniqueness, show our hearts,
freely unabashedly,
to honour ourselves in each other with complete honesty,
and freedom to grow, learn and live from doubt and disorder,
through to liberation in allowance of each person’s emotion to be expressed
without restriction or condition
We have come here to be real in our reveal””



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